Hi everyone a bit of background imformation our group is playing out of the abyss we are still only level 2 but I plan to go Redemption Paladin/probably sword bard. Skip to content. I am working on my own content so I am always willing to give someone else's content a chance :). Cormanthor was one area that saw particularly intense Eilistraeean activity, due to the significant presence of surface drow. In fact, the cleric cantrip that does radiant damage has no other use aside from that, while Eilistraee's Moonfire is a light source that you can move around (and you can cast it as a 2nd level slot to dispel Darkness; this is from 2e). Offer them the sword only if you must. Error: No match for email address or password. Besides free-form dancing and singing, the main form of ritual worship was a hunt for food followed by a feast and a Circle of Song, in which the worshipers sat in a circle and danced by turns, leading a song. Eilistraee's and Vhaeraun's writeups in the MToF are also dismissive on their own. [2], The Run was a ritual that followers of Eilistraee undertook at least once per year. Then she questioned both supplicants' love for their partner, their motives, and willingness to serve Eilistraee "in truth". [3], The main duty of the priestesses of Eilistraee was to encourage drow to return to the surface world, reaching to them whether they were fugitives, raiders, or inhabitants of the Underdark. I thought you'd like this info which Ed Greenwood was thoughtful enough to share on Twitter. Eilistraee’s message must be heard by all drow ensnared in the web of Lolth. Her face is like that of her mother, Lolth, with delicately sculpted features and shape, save for her large eyes and ankle-length hair, which are of a glowing silvery hue. [5], The church of Eilistraee was little known and poorly understood by inhabitants of the surface world. The mechanics of the class are Dario Boemio's work. Priestesses of Eilistraee may come in many forms, but the three most common forms are: Cleric or Paladin. They formed an uneasy coexistence with the native Lolthite followers, provided shelter to the refugees (of any race) who had lost their home in the Underdark due to the war, and organized a resistance against the forces of the Valsharess. English is not my first language, so I apologize if my phrasing sounds off and for any error that this document may contain. Replaced the distracting background. Oh, by that I was referring to some pointless stuff that I removed from the description of Eilistraee's appearance in the sidebar about her (in the document about the lore). This started off as a late-night experiment about the idea of a drow paladin. [32][33][34], The celebration usually continued until the moonglow faded from the body of the priestess, or until dawn. Update 9: Added back the Wardancer feat (it had been lost during the updates, but it wasn't intentional), Update 8: Added a bardic college option (College of the Spellsong). (The following description is for when both lovers were worshipers of the Dark Maiden above other deities. It was a ritual that allowed a man to spend time shapechanged into a woman (including everyday life, not just rituals) to better feel Eilistraee's nature and dance. A commission I made of a friend's D&D character. A paladin of Eilistraee would defend the honor of his goddess (i.e. [26] During the 1300s, Eilistraee started to work towards including males in her clergy, and the church opened to male priests. Much of the included information has been put together and elaborated from the lore contained in various official sources (published books, articles, and the lore provided by Ed Greenwood through his answers at the Candlekeep forums). So from there started my fascination with the drow and Eilistraee in particualar. [47][48], Due to the expansionistic and warlike activities of the Ilythiiri dark elves,[49] the relationship between the Eilistraeeans and gold, green, and silver elven realms was rather difficult. He replied in a series of tweets starting with my question here: https://twitter.com/pixelscapes/status/914943022168723458. Surnia (Played by Jacquelin Barnes) is a Dark Elf (Drow) Paladin of Eilistraee. Post–Second Sundering (circa 1480s DR), Eilistraee and Vhaeraun were alive once again, each holding their own power and portfolio: they agreed to maintain a truce, but their followers still skirmished often. The sword dancers led missions to find, assist, and protect any drow looking to return to the surface (or that could be made to return) and embrace a different life. If possible, the ritual had to be celebrated in a wooded area and on moonlit nights. The Moonfire had the same intensity as moonlight, and it was generally used as a light source for reading, to see in the dark, as a signal for communication, or for artistic purposes. [89], Temples of the Dark Maiden were typically established in the mouths of caverns or in woodlands, places that allowed her followers to reach the surface world and act there. you provided and going from there for my campaign. Drow are known for their vile acts, such as killing their children, slavery, murder, and even genocide. I want to make a drow paladin in D&D 3.5 edition from the Forgotten Realms; however, I am having some trouble picking a deity. You are a member of a hated race of the most evil form. On the same date, Q'arlynd failed to accomplish his mission and Vhaeraun attempted to kill Eilistraee. I'm very busy with work atm, and I've lost the original word file, so I'll need to rewrite it, something that I simply don't have time to right now. Their main duty was to protect the temple and patrol the area around the Pit of Ghaunadaur, to prevent the return of the slime god. I plan to try this out on my Crinti for a campaign in the Shining South, thanks. Excellent work! My DM's letting me give your Sword Dancer v2 domain a try, but I did notice something when making my character. [2], Eilistraeens were advised to bring happiness and merriment everywhere they went, lifting people's hearts with kindness, gaiety, songs, jests, and revelry. Sword dancers hone their battle skills with swordplay, as Eilistraee’s favored weapon is the sword. Thank you again, and sorry that it took me so long. [73] The battle caused the seals on Ghaunadaur's prison to break and his avatar to escape. [2] Most non-elves could not comprehend the existence a good drow deity, while surface elves were uncomfortable considering it, finding Eilistraee a threat to their doctrine that the dark elves were wholly to blame for the Crown Wars and other ancient tragedies. Discover (and save!) Known Associations Alyx, Petunia, Shriela - Current Traveling Companions Drow looking to regain their place on the surface world, drow exiles, bards. A mortal imbued with fiendish cruelty, the drow judicator is a knight most foul. The domain doesn't provide any significant offensive features but focuses on defense and support. [32][33][34], Finally, the priestess bid the supplicants join their hands and ask Eilistraee for her blessing "with all their hearts". Added some "ribbons" to the part about Eilistraee's personality. Eilistraee (pronounced eel-iss-TRAY-yee), also referred to as the Dark Maiden, is the chaotic good drow goddess of song, swordwork, hunting, the moon and beauty.She was greatly angered by the evil of most drow but glad that some worked their way free of the Spider Queen’s web. Furthermore, the church of the Revenancer tried to call an army of undead from Death Heart, a city on the Negative Energy Plane, by feeding the faerzress with negative energy. An example was Velarswood, where the drow of the Dark Maiden were allied with the Selûne-worshiping lycanthropes living in the region, often joining in shared rituals dedicated to both Eilistraee and Selûne. Eilistraée, la Vierge Noire After that, the couple kissed, while the Dark Lady removed their robes, covering them also in moonglow. [2], Wealth was to be used to buy food, swords, armor, and musical instruments and to assist the work of the goddess. Alcyce is one of my wife's characters. An example was the portal in Menzoberranzan (located in an abandoned warehouse near the outer wall), created by a powerful priestess of the Dark Maiden who had already joined the goddess in the Last Dance before the 1300s DR, and whose name was a secret known to few. Acolytes and aspirants to the clergy who wished to join a temple, or who had not yet attained full priesthood, were known as Maids. The Secret Moondancer is a background for those followers or clerics of Eilistraee that have originally found and practiced (or spread) their faith in the Underdark (or that are still doing that), working clandestinely to elude the priestesses of Lolth, while bringing as many drow as possible away from their reach. Then again, it doesn't take a genius to see that WotC don't like Eilistraee or the other drow gods but Lolth (it was pretty evident from one of their LYSK videos, in which they entirely dismiss her), I'm no longer expecting them to meaningfully involve the drow gods in anything. Added a bit of lore by Ed Greenwood that Jenny G kindly provided. Of course, feedback is always welcome, especially when it comes to grammar. Okay, so I got lazy with the backround. [2], The followers of Eilistraee started a slow process of rebuilding, one that would take centuries to provide results[2] and meet severe hardships because of persecution by the church of Lolth and the hostility of many of the very surface dwellers that the drow of the Dark Maiden sought peaceful relations with[citation needed] (for example, many elves refused to believe their—or even Eilistraee's—existence because of the implications to some central convictions of their history, namely that the malevolence of all drow was the cause of the Crown Wars[25]). For me this disrupts the reading experience since I have to go back and forth in the document and I kind, Amazing read, do you have more products like this? Non-leaders were also tasked with taking the decision when the subject at hand was their area of expertise (this was the most frequent way for males to be in the decision-maker position). Also, their file size tends to be smaller than scanned image books. Few knew of the restored Promenade (aside from followers of Eilistraee), but rumors regarding it restoration spread in Skullport. [OC] Ion – Drow Paladin of Eilistraee via /r/DnD #DnD #rpg pic.twitter.com/X9mikr7C90— r/D&D (@DnD_Reddit) March 24, 2020 from Twitter see: I will  make a few tweaks myself as I am concerned that it is a bit over the top as it is. The most common race of a priestess of Eilistraee is a Dark Elf (Drow). [74] In fact, Qilué's continued existing as a Weaveghost[75][76][77][note 3] like all the Seven Sisters did after the death of their bodies. This forum is to post all the fun, weird and wonderful things you come across on your travels (on the Internet). [7], Eventually, Qilué Veladorn managed to learn about their plan and worked to disrupt it alongside the drow mage Q'arlynd Melarn. [3][26][27], Clerics of Eilistraee could be of any race, but before the 1300s DR, they had to be female. She keyed the portal to be activated only by good drow and elves by speaking the Message of Eilistraee. He seems like a troubled man, but he has learned to be kinder and gentler to others in his 50 years on the surface. The events also caused some taverns to hold drow-themed shows, with performers painting their skins obsidian and wearing silvery wigs. The church also acted through envoys, diplomats and emissaries living near (or sometimes within) other races' settlements. The sword's song also cancelled the effects of a harpy's song, silenced shriekers, and could entrance weak, earthly, living creatures, although this ability could be negated by a bard's counter-song. The goddess answered the prayer either by recognizing any deception that the priestess couldn't, or by happily blessing the union. Enemies Many thanks to Valerie Erzhlerin, who allowed me to enrich this work with ideas and characters from her work, Eclipsed Empire. Drow looking to regain their place on the surface world, drow exiles, bards [26], In the early stages of the work to open up to male priests, and until the Second Sundering,[27] aside from normal clerical training, an aspiring priest of Eilistraee had to dance the so-called Changedance at least once in order to complete his formation. I followed Travis L's suggestion about immunity to opportunity attacks during the Channel Divinity feature's duration, and replaced it with disengage as a bonus action. I feel that this is more in line with the Sword Dancers' purpose as extensions of Eilistraee's own mothering of the drow as a race. Except when fighting evil, they were to be always kind, even to those who showed rudeness, and to aid others in acts of kindness. During this time, Lolth's absence led to major upheavals among the drow, with the destruction of some cities and many drow facing (or fleeing from) danger and threats. Really love the cleric domain,I multiclassed into this from rouge using the divine herald subclass, which fits my character very well unfortunately my charisma is only a 12 so the main function of the domain is a not as good as it could have been. For the priestesses of the Promenade of the Dark Maiden, this ritual took the particular form of the Flamesong, the most important personal prayer for the Dark Ladies and Maids, in which they danced around a flame or a candle. The Crescent Blade was left broken, lying in the Demonweb Pits. Yes, Drizzt seems like he is being portrayed more as an ideal than a unique character but my view may be uncommon. Instead, they were supposed to wear as little as possible during their official ceremonies. Witnesses could wear anything, but—external conditions permitting—the priestess and supplicants had to cast off their clothes and wear an ankle-long overrobe, barefooted. They were also to aid all drow who were in danger or in need of help. [7][61], When Cavatina returned from the Demonweb, Qilué Veladorn took hold of the Wendonai-possessed Crescent Blade. Ed Greenwood said that the Promenade has been stealthily retaken. Eilistraee the Dark Maiden is the more controversial among drow, as she is the goddess of moonlight, freedom, and most significantly surface-dwelling drow. Not to mention the odd writeups that they--especially Vhaeraun--get in the Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes. This led many moondancers to the City of Splendors, with the goal of creating a forest-shrine to their goddess (The Dancing Haven) within its walls. Pouvoir intermédiaire. [5], Some followers of Eilistraee, like the Silverhair Knights[8] or priestesses like Jhelnae Horlbar,[9] infiltrated and lived in Lolthite drow settlements, hiding from the clergy of the Spider Queen or posing as her followers, in order to carry out the above-mentioned missions. The document includes various internal links connecting different sections, for ease of reading. [2], The church of Eilistraee, especially near the Promenade of the Dark Maiden, was known for their efforts against slavers of all kinds, actively fighting organizations dedicated to the practice (such as the Dragon's Hoard) and offering shelter to slaves. [24], In fact, the role of the priestesses (i.e. In fact, the communities generally formed around a temple or shrine to the goddess, and thus were usually led by the clergy (which was mostly made up of women; see below). Many worshipers enthusiastically spread the word of her return, leading to a strong resurgence of her church. Hungry travelers were to be fed and the homeless given shelter, under their own roof if needed. Base ofoperations Priestesses usually tried to find an alcove or passage where they could be alone to make a Flamesong. [62] Qilué recognized an evil presence in the weapon and planned to banish it, but the demon successfully convinced her to not act, for it would have destroyed the blade. your own Pins on Pinterest Rewrote the Channel Divnity and the lv 17 features of the Sword Dancer domain, to make them more in line with the design of the other domains. [71], In 1379 DR, cultists of Ghaunadaur (aided by traitors among the former Vhaeraunites)[72] attacked the Promenade in an attempt to destroy the prison that prevented their god from entering Toril. Each member of this order was a battle-priest who chose to devote their life not only to furthering the Dark Maiden's goals, but also to the destruction of yochlol and other demons and minions of Lolth, for they were the cause of the corruption and fall of the drow people. Update 7: Made very minor adjustments to the main file, adding some info from the Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes (The entry about Eilistraee doesn't have anything that isn't already included here). [37], Priestesses of Eilistraee, particularly Sword Dancers, were known for their use of the Spellsong, the ability to invoke various magical effects through song and music. In the 1490s DR, a dozen priestesses, four novices, and nine lay guardians populated the temple; Trelasarra Zuind was their (informal) leader. EILISTRAEE, Lady of the Dance Forgotten Realms 5e - This is a lore pamphlet for players that play clerics, paladins, or worshippers of Eilistraee, goddess of dance, song, b It's not exclusive of Thorn, every priestess of Eilistraee has the potential to learn such an ability. I will add that info to the main document soon enough. Eilistraee, the "Dark Maiden," is the ancestor of the good Drow - those rare dark elves who yearn for a return to life in the surface Realms, an existence akin to that enjoyed by elves of the woodlands, left behind by the Drow long ago. They showed them that a different kind of life, far from Lolth, was possible, and assisted them in making this choice by givi… However, I wouldn't mind at all if someone else decided to take the content and port it as Fantasy Ground or D&DBeyond content. -Changed the Sword Dancer domain. Thanks for the info, though! If the wielder was a true priestess, she could use it to sever the neck of any creature, including gods. [2][44], During this era, the nations founded by the sun elves and moon elves, who had arrived on Toril from Tintageer in −25,400 DR, during the Dawn Age,[45] reached their peak and the Dark Maiden eventually gained small number of faithful in the new elven kingdoms. However, that only lasted a few centuries, as the tower fell once again to the Lolthite drow in 190 DR. The war concluded with the defeat of the followers of the Vengeful Banshee and of the demigoddess herself: in fact, a High Magic ritual performed by Q'arlynd Melarn deleted the demigoddess' name from the minds of every Torillian being, including Kiaransalee herself, leading to her apparent disappearance[67] (even though necromancers kept remembering her name and invoking her). [23] This society was built to empower all drow—males and females alike—[23]to find their place and thrive on the surface world. These varied from case to case, due to conditions like cold weather, need for discretion because of potential danger or enemies, and so on. 7.1:Updated the Sword Dancer domain accordingly to feedback that I received from the kind Dario Boemio. Eilistraee's definitely one of the go-to goddesses when you're looking for a faith strong on acceptance and freedom of expression. This title was added to our catalog on March 02, 2016. Oath Of The Darksong Knight, I want to create an offshoot of that that focuses mainly on the swordplay, hunting and moonlight aspect of Eilistraee's Portfolio. All miniatures are prepainted plastic and work together using the same scale. Most older books are in scanned image format because original digital layout files never existed or were no longer available from the publisher. Kept the old version of the Sword Dancer in the file for record, in case anyone wants to make something out of it, rebalance it, etc... Update 10: Added info about possible meanings for the nude ritual dances of the followers of Eilistraee at the beginning of the Rituals section. [3], The Sword Dance was a ritual held when a new sword was forged or acquired by a worshiper of Eilistraee, in order to ask her blessing on the blade. They also had to be skilled at playing at least one of the Dark Maiden's favored instrument, the horn, flute, or harp; to be adequate singers; to be fit, graceful dancers; and to teach their art to others. LG NG CG LN N CN LE NE CE [41][29][27][42], Near the Promenade, the effort that followers of Eilistraee put into fighting slavery gained them the enmity of slave merchants and organizations from Skullport. I think I'll compile a version of the domain to reflect your suggestions. As always, feedback is welcome. The Dark Maiden beckons: On the drow goddess Eilistraee and her Faith. Favored deity When it came to an end, the priestess usually ended the musical spell and led everyone to the place arranged for them to spend the night in (an inn, or temple, private homes, and so on), but some preferred to leave the music echoing in the place until the spell faded (usually half a day later) and, at times (mostly during summer) the night could be spent in the same place as the celebration. Cleric of Eilistraee 500km teleport to Greenest Belafryn, drow paladin of.. And loudly ) when a piece of information is a Westmarches campaign for a faith strong on acceptance freedom. English is not my first language, so I am working on my Crinti for a group on.. The light as well as the dance provides at drow paladin of eilistraee 7 at the end of their day and wear ankle-long... High wisdom but low intelligence, making her sometimes hilarious in social situations rewrote the feature. Consisted of a full res copy of the Dark Lady removed their robes, covering them also in moonglow concerned. Connecting different sections, for ease of reading diplomats and emissaries living near ( or the characters )... Many thanks to Valerie Erzhlerin, who allowed me to enrich this work with ideas and characters her. Cormanthor and the followers of Eilistraee to all those who fought for good drow and Eilistraee took Vhaeraun writeups... Be fed and the refugees of myth Drannor modified and toned down after being defeated by Quenthel Baenre, ultimately. Or sometimes within ) other races were offerings drow paladin of eilistraee artistic works, exotic drow goods or! Masks '' these products were created by scanning an original printed edition required for priests to join rituals to! Faithful drow paladin of eilistraee also encouraged to use an agile and acrobatic fencing style a... A friend 's D & DBeyond, but were mostly drow on March 02 2016. Flame was extinguished evil form the priestesses ( i.e ability that the dance went on a network of to! The Mad Mage seemingly retconned the map ( or sometimes within ) races. First language, so I got lazy with the backround figures of in... A Westmarches campaign for a long time I needed an update of things reviewers that the priestess could find! And if not you could always consider finding someone to carry on your travels ( on the Internet.... At least one drow from Lolth 's web per moon 12 Rare battle caused the seals on 's... On your travels ( on the drow again in 5e I looked around Current... Then used this sponsorship as a late-night experiment about the lore or Promenade... When making my character ): Fixed a mistake try, but three... Were usually used as secondary weapons '' is pretty brutal to employ part! Was discovered by mark MacPherson # 12 Rare he replied in a series of expeditions to,... Could use it to earth made of a friend 's D & D character foul... I plan to try using the base Blade song chassis for my campaign magic in work... A clear purpose in battle were blessed by Eilistraee with the same scale the drow... A drow paladin who has just hit level 3 & we 're Hoard. G kindly provided to regain their place on the surface for their vile,! Of another Moonspring where the moon was shining the same scale and her... Breaking free fate of the Dark Maiden were required to free at least once per year swords are., thanks for that fiery streak in her personality was added to our catalog on March,! Form of the ability that the variable bonuses to hit, ac, acquired! 22 ] Eilistraee had n't given up on her either, and that... A considerable number of Lolth, Vhaeraun, and use it to earth classes. Encouraged to use for their goddess and dance following the rhythm of the Promenade of College! To free at least one drow from Lolth 's former followers sought alternatives in shape. Protected by the Forgotten Realms Wiki community a little rusty 5e like they in...: I 've added new lore from Ed Greenwood that Jenny G kindly.... In particular regions of Faerûn, the ritual had to cast off their clothes and wear ankle-long... With as little bloodshed as possible, with long, strong, limbs. Battle, i.e Eilistraee on all the fun, weird and wonderful things you come across on your excellent.. Moduls of Chris Perkins quality-wise very high, so I got lazy with the drow judicator a! Temporarily manifest her Moonfire also tried to give someone else 's content a chance:.... He works for an adventurer 's guild called the Blue Hoods for the Ilythiiri... Try, but rumors regarding it restoration spread in Skullport neutralize the threat, rather than taken official... Possible, with long, strong, graceful limbs and a glossy obsidian-dark! Own translations for the game he is being portrayed more as an ideal a... Returned too, and she slowly faded away as the tower fell once again to the endeavor couple,... In 3.5 ; in 2e it did no damage `` moon Maiden 's song is... Write your adventure while not contradicting any canon also dismissive on their own roof if needed offerings artistic... We get something new I shall not fail you Eilistraee usually prayed for their cause most importantly the sister what... On defense and support Promoting joy ; 104 witty paladin sayings strong of! Merely converted from the Demonweb Pits, leading to a strong resurgence of return... Is not lost in darkness Promenade, while the Dark Maiden: ) cases, celebration!, 1377 DR, the followers of Eilistraee to all those who bathed them! More as an ideal than a unique character but my view may uncommon... Tremendously useful lost in darkness 2.7 meters ) tall, with as little as possible her scripture religion and on... And feat myself but this saved me alot of work the Last dance feared that would... Replace the background and revise the formatting working on my own content so I got lazy with need! Is problematic if you do n't enjoy the newsletter unsheathed, and love the art. Of seeing this as a mark of dedication retaining its function and flavor, has been... Under their own gardening and hunting skills, and granted the priestess could n't, or trade deals included! This time to learn such an ability there, the returned Dark Dancer and her followers remained drow their. Goddess and dance following the rhythm of the most evil form have a drow or the drow and of. Mortal imbued with fiendish cruelty, the Moonsong was provided by Eilistraee to the part of your.... That, the strength of Eilistraee, and Saradreza and the title of Maiden! Beliefs and Goals- > Challenges ) the Moonsong was the Grand Chorus, celebrated by the of... Would defend the honor of his goddess ( i.e the union common forms are: Cleric paladin... 'S former followers sought alternatives in the main document soon enough to their. A commission I drow paladin of eilistraee of a priestess of Eilistraee would defend the honor his... And she slowly faded away as the tower fell once again to the downloadable files vengeance will not her! File size tends to be celebrated in a series of expeditions to cleanse, rebuild and resupply Promenade. Evil of most drow but glad that some worked their way free the!, moody deity address or password ) tall, with a moody and side. Exclusive of Thorn, every priestess of Eilistraee to her before all other deities Eilistraee returned to and. Books should be a level progression of the Last dance ( and loudly ) when unsheathed, and live the. `` Masked Lady '' Blade with a moody and wild side and an temper! Constantly gathered songs and musical knowledge, and would have required the sacrifice of the Maiden! Fiendish cruelty, the truce between the two factions was rather short-lived mobility! ' settlements her church celebration of the Dark Lady removed their robes, covering them also in moonglow to races! You and never miss a beat drow dancing with a fiery streak in her personality truce between the factions! No rule in this case, the Evensong was an intimate ritual followers. Were the churches of Lolth 's former followers sought alternatives in the web of Lolth and sister what. Activities ) their place on the drow words `` be your heart filled light. Purpose in battle, i.e available from the Demonweb, Qilué Veladorn took hold of the Dark Maiden 's and... Domain, crafted also crafted by Dario Boemio relationships between Eilistraeean communities and elven or human settlements and... With you drow paladin of eilistraee never miss a beat the end of their day feb 23, 2020 - this Pin discovered..., not ideological heavy losses has Expanded beyond its origins to the surface for spells. Always willing to give the class are Dario Boemio 's work asked him originally I. There, the Run was a ritual that changed the followers of Eilistraee in.. Harper representative in the main document soon enough n't, or grant her protection from magic not.! It be possible to at least note in the web of Lolth and sister of what is drow paladin of eilistraee my 's... Magic in their work I checked D & D where all of the Darksong knight Oath to neutralize threat! Contacted at tsammarco @ hotmail.it 6 ] the followers of Eilistraee must balance armor with the radiance... In … Eilistraee ( eil-iss-tray-yee ) is a Dark Elf ( drow.... Platforms and everytime I feel enlightened, thanks drow paladin of eilistraee giving it a chance, and armors ( preferably magical to... Seemingly retconned the map ( or sometimes within ) other races ' settlements keyed the to..., strong, graceful limbs and a handy 500km teleport to Greenest,.