DodoriaZarbonGinyuHis Father Always surrounded by miserable fucking cunts! King Cold: There it is; the home of the brute who dare lay hands on my little angel. Freeza, in a moment of shock, freaked out, and fired a Death Ball at Super Saiyan Trunks. Maybe this is my second, and last chance. Zarbon continues saying that a small band of Saiyans under led by Bardock were the ones who seized the planet, much to Freeza's surprise. With Goku virtually unfazed by the move, Freeza questioned how he functioned and asserted that he would drown Goku after the latter made mention of his way of paying taxes, equating the way he would drown him to that of puppies and explaining to the questionable Goku that he would do this based on them being cute and cuddly. Saiyans in generalNamekiansHeroic speechesThe “Daddy’s Little Princess” danceCoolerNotes with pictures of butts on themVegeta ranting on how he's a Super SaiyanGoku's stupidityBeing called ‘Princess’ by his fatherBeing made fun of because of his lipsSpace MexicoAppule's AlcoholismSobaPeople calling him Freezer and Frieza Season 2: Besides crushed legs and shattered ribs, what other injury did Goku sustain? Freeza promised that Vegeta would be crying "like a bitch" by the end of their battle and became annoyed as they started fighting as Vegeta swore he was jealous of his "Super Saiyan swagger.". I know I've killed a lot of people, some of which you liked, but, one neighbor to another, could you spare a cup of energy...? Goku says his stayed with him. Full DBZ Episode 56. (Mouri says no again) Kill his kid. He, like everybody else, was under the impression that Zarbon was gay. Which is it?? With the dances seemingly over, Captain Ginyu informed him that the last one was "Daddy's little princess", which Freeza asserted his father would not approve of and was annoyed to discover this was a prank by Cooler. Turns out it works for everyone else too. Hurry up! Also, the subversion to season 1's ending. Was amazing, loved it. The Saiyan Saga might have gotten the ball rolling on what DBZ was all about, but the Frieza Saga finalized it for all time. Freeza returned to his fight with Piccolo, apologizing for being away and asking where were they. Chiaotzu fails to be impressed by the Ginyu Force: When King Kai gets volunteered to fight the Ginyus, they start incredulously insulting him over how tiny and weak and feeble he is. [7], However, Freeza still lives (barely) and is given robotic implants thanks to King Cold (although it seems he can't process stuff fast without shorting out). [4], Unlike most others, especially those he conflicted with throughout his life, Freeza did not understand the concept of a life's importance and frequently degraded such a notion by making jokes in regards to those he has killed, sometimes even to individuals belonging to the same race.[2]. When King Kai asks how he knew that part of the plan, Dende simply says that he just wanted to screw over Freeza. He started to crush Gohan's skull, asking Vegeta if hurting the child was making him angry. Said Pinball game is followed by a high score board (With the new top scorer being ASS). (To Nail after being called racist): Well, maybe so, but I can't quite be a racist against a race that doesn't exist. Goku: So are you just stealing Krillin's attacks now? Freeza: What do ghosts have to do with this? When he appeared in front of the Z-Fighters, he summoned the three villain ghosts of Freeza Day's past; Cooler, Lord Slug, and Turles, only to immediately bicker with his brother. Dr. Briefs' explanation of the control panel to Goku with a warning so repetitive it almost seems like, And of course as soon as he steps outside, Goku. Kthanx. When Goku says to Freeza that he won the game because he fought without his shirt (he bet Freeza he wouldn't after Freeza said he was going to fight without his hands). Jeice and Burter have a touching display of camaraderie, showing how good friends they are and promising to go out drinking once it's all over, the music swells... After Goku effortlessly defeats Recoome and Burter while Jeice runs away to Captain Ginyu, Goku asks "where the fighters are at" implying that his fight with the half of the Ginyu Force was a joke. Freeza questioned Zarbon on what had happened, Zarbon correctly answering that it was the "space duck". Goku replied that he had given him a rhetorical answer, Freeza then realizing that he had traded Vegeta for him and making the comment that Goku was a coward after he sent his friends away so the pair could fight alone, insisting that suicide was the coward's way out. He is a wiki-vandal, changing Planet Vegeta's Wikipedia page to read "Vegeta is the home of a bunch of stupid, useless monkeys called the Saiyans" "Stupid monkeys hit by falling rocks. Occupation Like other abridged characters, he is less serious and considerably more comical, which is especially noticeable in the satirizing of his over-usage of black humor, frequently making jokes about the races he's killed off, such as asking how many Namekians it takes to screw a light bulb. King Kai's casual reaction to the tree Guldo threw at his house. And even so, Zarbon still acts like he's gay. This caused the two to be covered in smoke and incapable of seeing each other, Freeza not being able to sense Goku's energy and firing randomly in the hopes of hitting him. Proceed at your own risk. I'd say you only have 5- is it 5?- Yes! Bulma relaying King Kai's message that Goku is dead and that Namek is gone. Tried to clorf me right out of my money. (After having his tail cut off) Alright, who has the balls!? Likes After dealing with Bulma being a total cocktease on the ship, Krillin... Roshi delivering the news of whats going on on Namek to Goku in the hospital. Gender [11], Freeza overheard the shrieking of Vegeta, questioning what it was, who screamed once he discovered that one of the Dragon Balls he had taken from the ship was taken by Gohan. Vegeta was still inside of the ship and located the Dragon Balls, shooting through a hole as Freeza contacted Ginyu again and told him to come faster since Zarbon had messed up so badly. After being surgically reborn as a cyborg, Frieza gains an electronically-induced stutter, due to lacking sufficient RAM to properly process his speech patterns. Episode 25: Nail is Piccolo, and So Can You! NO! It's just like that jockstrap incident, only now I don't have Ginyu to dig up the holes. 709 Pins • 122 Followers. Later in the same episode, after Krillin has messed up again. Dislikes He gave me his energy and left me. Goku decided that Vegeta deserved a proper burial, which Freeza dismissed by mocking Goku's choice to do this in an unmarked field though remarked that it was probably too good for him. See also: List of Dragon Ball Z episodes The Frieza Saga, also known as Season 3, is the third season of the Dragon Ball Z anime. As Freeza began remembering how he annihilated the race, Nail attacked him to no effect, which Freeza apologized for not reacting to and reasoned that he did now know they were starting before ripping off his arm, commenting that he would miss his arm and to which Nail grew back another one. Deceased (Prime timeline)Alive (Xenoverse timeline) Freeza remarked following the beating he gave Goku that it was amazing how easy it was to get away with that "shit" with the Z-Fighters, who he recalled having allowed him to transform and blow the planet up while they stood around. Piccolo and Nail's conversation during Freeza's 2nd transformation. The episode's first scene, when Krillin is trying to keep Vegeta from taking the dragon ball: When Ginyu gives Freeza his new scouter, he asks if it has the ringtone he wanted. Episode 13: Dr. Briefs Made This Episode in a Cave...WITHABOXOFSCRAPS! Goku ordered Gohan to take the comatose Piccolo away from the battlefield and off the planet so they could return to Earth. HOW DARE YOU MOCK THEM! Cue Chi-Chi dashing out of it. Freeza: Ginyu! (After resurfacing) And I just keep getting reminded of my failures! During their trip to Earth, King Cold frequently referred to Freeza as such. Calling the Eternal Dragon Full DBZ Episode 59. Race (After Goku is thrown upward by a stream of hot lava) Freeza: Ha! "I utilize these poses as a means of reinvigorating my men and raising morale. We'll continue this conversation never. The entire Spacey's skit. You're stupid! No. In episode 33, it's revealed that his father King Cold refers to him as "Daddy's little princess", referencing an earlier gag from Captain Ginyu. Dr. Briefs Made This Episode In A Cave... WITHABOXOFSCRAPS! Similarly, Daman Mills (Ayres' understudy who voices Freeza when Ayres' COPD renders him unable to) voices Freeza with a voice even more similar to LittleKuriboh's rendition. Daddy, I don't want to be on Namek anymore. After the group left, Freeza played the ringtone again and smiled. Freeza told Zarbon to "pull up your frilly stockings, tighten your thong, sad stop being such a pansy". The opening, which has Vegeta stating the usual legal stuff, but clearly dying with each breath. Give 'em a couple hundred years. When Krillin hears the fake Namekians talk about their penises: The narrator's description of Namek echoing the opinion of the fanbase: Every line uttered by Krillin in this episode. Episode 11: Looks Like the Z-Warriors Are Blasting Off Again! Goku denounces Freeza as a monster who kills anyone, even children: Made even funnier that Goku is one of the children 'spared' by Freeza's genocide of the Saiyans, who did. STOP BEING STUPID! Zarbon then claimed he had only knocked him out, leading Freeza to momentarily become relieved and ask where he had put him, becoming frustrated again when Zarbon revealed that Vegeta had been placed at the bottom of a lake as he called in a henchman who he murdered in front of Zarbon with a single blast and warned Zarbon that he would end up like the minion if he did not bring Vegeta back to him within the next ten minutes. Another great moment is the lead up to unlocking Dende's potential. Oh, good. While Dodoria and Zarbon spoke regarding a "space duck", Freeza told the pair to pay attention and that the villagers would not slaughter themselves. How Vegeta knew that Freeza can transform. 419 times (Namek warrior), "You insane bastard." Future Trunks claimed that he could fill the part and though Freeza was initially worried, he backtracked and became convinced that Future Trunks was just messing around, mocking him to his father before Future Trunks transformed into a Super Saiyan. P.S. He also wants Goku to go to hell and send Vegeta a message "Like a bi*ch". Doubly funny due to Zarbon's confused expression: After Freeza and Zarbon find that Vegeta has escaped: King Kai then proceeds to order Goku to stay away from Freeza, warning him about his incredible power. When Dodoria moved in to kill Dende, Gohan and Krillin intervened, Gohan slamming into Dodoria long enough for Krillin to pick up Dende and the three to flew via the sky. Freeza chased Krillin around threw some crevices, though Krillin was able to get away from him using the Solar Flare technique. Freeza tried to attack him, but was stopped by Goku who grabbed his hand as Freeza demanded that he let go. Freeza asked the earthlings were they were from and Dende revealed to him that they were from Earth, after which Freeza voiced his intent to destroy the planet later on and Freeza apologized for his demeanor, noting that he was usually composed but at this point "absolutely livid". Between Freeza's personality, Vegeta's Sanity Slippage, Ghost Nappa, Super Kami Guru, and the Muffin Button, there's a good reason why the Namek Saga is widely agreed to be the show's Growing the Beard moment.. The random moment with Bulma shows her drinking the planet's water. He has "F" by Maximum the Hormone as his scouter's ringtone. Freeza spotting the huge Spirit Bomb above him. Though having many minions at his disposal, Freeza had only a few that one could argue as having significance to him beyond being a lackey. Bulma asking Vegeta if he wants to stay at her place. The exchange just before is also hilarious: Freeza not knowing how long the planet is going to take to blow up and just guesses 5 minutes... Not even close. This failed, as Goku was unscathed by the analogy he made in their difference in strengths and an annoyed Freeza attempted to crush him with a mountain. A similar situation happens to Freeza later, wherein he sees a photoshopped image of Dodoria's head pasted onto an image of a fat woman with florescent pink skin dressed in skimpy attire. What are these, inverted controls? For once, Nimbus doesn't arrive quite on cue: The final moments of the episode, narrated by. these two oiled-up German guys trying to wrestle me, Don't worry about your check, we'll send it to your next of kin, When there's no more room in Hell, Vegeta shall walk the, gets sliced in half by his own Death Saucer, billionaire philanthropist playboy followed by AC/DC's Back in Black, What happened to Namek? He shows no concern for his underlings and employees, killing them to intimidate his right-hand m… By the end of his reign, in spite of his past actions, the experienced Freeza had become so heartless and convinced of his own seeming indestructible nature that he spoke candidly of slaughtering individuals over a prolonged amount of time should he obtain the Dragon Balls, which alongside his continued claims of intent to kill his challengers such as Vegeta and Gohan,[5] showed that he premeditated a large portion of his activities and did not act solely on a whim. I can breathe in space. [6] His loss to Goku marked a turning point in his life. On Chirstmas Eve, Dr. Lychee, pretending to be Santa Claus out of madness, created a ghost copy of Freeza to defend one of his machines that was spewing out a toxic miamsa. Just as Frieza is about to kill him as well, Nail warns Frieza that if Guru dies, the Namekian Dragon Balls will become useless. This jock strap incident is repeatedly referenced in later episodes by Vegeta, Freeza, and King Cold. [10], Zarbon retrieved the unconscious Vegeta, Freeza around this time beginning to speak with Captain Ginyu through Space Skype, ordering him to be there soon and bring the updated scouters before Zarbon expressed that he needed to use it, leading Freeza to question what could possibly be so important that he needed to interrupt during his call and Freeza was surprised to learn that he had a girlfriend, immediately hanging up on Ginyu who he promised to call back. Freeza's relationship with his father, King Cold, is far better, with Cold even referring his son as his 'little princess', much to Freeza's chagrin. "F*ck off." Male Freeza has heard so many of the same heroic cliche phrases in his lifetime that he lists how many times he's heard them, up to and including a vulgar threat of face-f*cking from a Namekien. while I'm thinking about Lord Freeza and my thong! Frieza makes Zarbon, Cui, Appule and their friend's and enemies lives a living hell in these stories! Freeza decides to keep them alive as soldiers for hire, especially Vegeta. Who even uses- HA! Freeza asked if meant places similar to a mountain he was pointing at, Vegeta looking over to it and being knocked into it by Freeza. (after nearly destroying Earth) "Sorry, I got a little bit carried away. Krillin asked if Freeza was dead, Gohan stating that they could still sense his energy and questioning why he even bothered, prompting Krillin to retort that he was an optimist and Vegeta to say this was incorrect, identifying it as him being an idiot. He resents his older brother, Cooler, and the feeling is mutual. GAH!!! The explanation caused Goku to believe that Freeza was romantically attracted to him, the latter kicking him in the face and into the water consequently. Goku believed that Freeza needed more energy, overdoing it and seemingly killing him, though Goku suspected that Freeza merely took the extra energy and left the scene. Freeza with Maximum the Hormone playing on his scouter. Close listeners will note the ringtone of Nappa calling Vegeta is that of. At least they're around. Dragon Ball Z Abridged: Androids/Cell Saga. PokezorWorld. Vegeta actually crying in front of Freeza: EVERYTHING that the extremely short-lived Jamaican crab (that sounds very similar to, Then an episode or so later, Freeza tilts his head, and the crab falls. The human had unintentionally gotten in the way of Freeza's wishes for immortality, Freeza wishing to retaliate against him by destroying Earth. With the fate of Namek at stake, Grand Elder Guru sends the young Namekian Dende to give the important password to Krillin and Gohan that will summon Porunga, the Namekian Dragon.Meanwhile, Frieza arrives at Guru's where he is met by some Namekian warriors, all of whom he kills except Nail, and fails at getting Guru to tell him the password. Freeza moved in to kill Vegeta, promising to send him crying home to his mother, revealing he was aware she was deceased as he prepared to attack him, before the arrival of Goku, who he had not seen before and questioned who he was.To this Goku stated that he was Son Goku and he was insane from earth-where Vegeta corrected it by saying,"He meant Saiyan".Freeza confirmed his own identity to the Saiyan and assumed he was Vegeta's friend when Goku expressed concern for him, telling Vegeta that he was impressed by the feat and Freeza further explained that he and Vegeta were having a disagreement; he wanted Vegeta to die while he wanted him not to. You trying to swat a bee? Episode 17: A Lovely Bunch of Dragon Balls, Episode 18: It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Saiyan. Like other abridged characters, he is less serious and considerably more comical, which is especially noticeable in the satirizing of his over-usage of black humor, frequently making jokes about the races he's killed off, such as asking how many Namekians it takes to screw a light bulb. Oh please, if I'm as evil as you say I am then let God strike me down where I stand. It finally made good on its promise of a “Super Saiyan,” with Goku reaching the legendary status after seeing his best friend Krillin die at the hands of Frieza. Vegeta's thoughts as he was falling asleep. Freeza then proceeded to try destroying the planet with a blast to its core, though failed to successfully do so. While Freeza credited him as having reached an admirable feat for a "low life", he asked him a question, "Die." As soon as he calmed down, Future Trunks revealed himself to not only have not been killed by the Death Ball, but lifting it with only one arm, and made puns about the situation. And actually thanks his brain for coming up with it. The high score board is actually the official power levels of said characters, which turns it into a majestic brag for Freeza! (Singing) Peaceful young races with fires on their houses, millions of voices all silenced like mouses, watching the cowards bow toward their new king, these are a few of my favorite things. Mecha Freeza: Daddy, we can park anywhere we want! The audience knows what's about to happen, and the happy music and cheerful outlook of the Namekians make the coming slaughter of them by Vegeta all the more hilarious. The opening exchange between Goku and Roshi: Goku's failed attempt at borrowing Popo's magic flying carpet. Celebrate and Witness, Goku's Back From 100x Fitness! On the way to where Vegeta has the Dragon Balls, we get this exchange between Gohan and Vegeta: For a meta CMOF, try to look up videos of that last show on. Freeza: Damn it all to hell; he's gone! When Goku replied asking for food, Freeza threw another attack at him.[7]. (flings. Dragonball Z RELEASED: OCTOBER 2000 Frieza Saga trading cards Frieza is one of the villains who possesses an entire range of transformations, each one being quite different than the others. Or when Vegeta tells Krillin to destroy the Dragon ball in the same episode, In the original scene, it's clear these are. Freeza congratulates him in a raspy voice before coughing repeatedly, saying he's got something in his throat. After Nail called him a "racist", Freeza remarked that while he may be one, he couldn't quite be "a racist to a race that doesn't exist" and mentioned his distaste for the extinct Clorfors and recalled when members of the race tried to take his money. Solar Flare is used on Vegeta at one point, and he describes it as being like walking in on Freeza in the shower. Ginyu Assualt Full DBZ Episode 55. He'd have to be awfully evil if it didn't, not gonna lie...I like the cut of his jib, How did you know about the parts you weren't there for. After a follow-up audition in which they requested some small changes, the part was awarded to Little Kuriboh, and the original plans for the character's portrayal were scrapped. [13], Freeza watched GalacTV, noting that he loved that show. Me be a spirit animal. When Bardock launches an attack on Freeza's ship, the tyrant calls for 'waves of Freeza-soldiers', though Bardock plows through them with ease. King Cold: What a pretty little blue pearl it is. Freeza remarked that while he did not often dirty his hands with that type of "grunt work", he always elicited a certain satisfaction from doing it himself and began laughing. However, the same wiki gives Frieza's full power level as 120 million. Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 Summary : Goku and the rest of the Dragon Ball Z cast return in Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3, a face-paced fighting game full of teleporting, beam-slugging, super-saiyan action. (Mouri says OK) Good, Kill him!" Goku: What're you doing down there? TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. With Vegeta having been buried, Freeza expressed his belief that Vegeta had gone to Hell, Goku then making the claim that he had been to Hell and it was alright apart from two oiled up German guys who he claimed tried to wrestle him, Freeza in turn asking him if he was real. The disclaimer is read by Krillin, followed by this gem of an exchange. The Frieza Saga is the second major plot arc of the Dragon Ball Z anime. Goku is Ginyu & Ginyu is Goku Full DBZ Episode 58. In TeamFourStar's Dragon Ball Z Abridged series, Dodoria remains one of Frieza's commanders, alongside Zarbon, however, the main difference between this version and the original is that this version states outright that she is actually a woman. Meta example in that shortly before the episode's release. What happened to the Dragon Balls, breaking Yamcha's leg... as in, the one he didn't break in the original series. Freeza flew to one of the Namekian villages with a number of henchmen, Zarbon and Dodoria. Freeza's expression while saying the last line is. (Cut to Vegeta getting even more beaten by Zarbon): GAAH! When Vegeta began to recite the Super Saiyan Speech yet again, Freeza, annoyed at hearing it repeated so much, killed him. Nail tries to not-so-subtly hint that the power up should be given to him so he can match the ungodly power heading their way. After Freeza sees Guru for the first time: Jeice has to report the defeat of his comrades to Captain Ginyu. He normally has four forms, though he has an additional Mecha form, a Golden Form, and also a few additional video game exclusive forms. Their battle continued when Vegeta asked him how he knew about the parts he was not there for as he transformed into his second form and revealed his extensive power level being at one million, showing his power off by destroying a portion of the planet. Freeza dodged his attacks continuously and moved close to the rest of the group, who got out of the way as well as Freeza confronted Vegeta and asked him if they were done "playing children's games" or did he have to tickle him. Freeza Vegeta tells Goku that your clothes don't come with you when you die. Freeza mentioned the loss of Cui, who he forgot the name of initially until Zarbon mentioned it to him, the scouters and Dodoria, prompting him to state that they would hit "Space Mexico" if things went any further south. Oh, the joke goes much farther than that. I think we're up to twenty-four. Relative(s) My god, this is droll; we're so far out in Space sti-ti-ti-ticks *. Goku became confused and thought Freeza wanted to die, Freeza attempting to explain this was not what he meant until Goku asked if it was due to him looking "weird" and then went on about how his appearance led him to this conclusion, prompting Freeza to begin firing beams at him which Goku easily took care of by causing them to go in other directions. Goku gets in a legitimate taunt. Freeza is almost the same as he is in the actual series. Zarbon: Lord Freeza, Vegeta's really giving us a pounding! "Alright, I just gotta find one of the Ginyus' ships and get the, Episode 27: The Saiyan Formerly Known as Prince, "Wa gwaan, bredren Vegeta. The two were shown to be at odds with one another during, The English spelling of his name is "Frieza" in most. Episode 21: Stop! Or Vegeta's advice to Krillin on how to fight him: Freeza's reaction to the Ginyu Force's introduction: While it might be funny only to wrestling fans, Jeice using ". LittleKuriboh's voice for Freeza is remarkably similar to the voice that Christopher Ayres would use for the character following Linda Young's replacement in 2009; due to Team Four Star's friendship with FUNimation, it is speculated by fans that Ayres' Freeza voice is based on LittleKuriboh's. Dirty money-grubbing Clorfors. Between Freeza's personality, Vegeta's Sanity Slippage, Ghost Nappa, Super Kami Guru, and the Muffin Button, there's a good reason why the Namek Saga is widely agreed to be the show's Growing the Beard moment. He also succumbed to his wounds after realizing that Goku is the last Saiyan in the universe (And therefore, the most stupid). Maybe this is a sign, maybe I should change. But there's an "A" in it? Freeza's list of lines from heroic speeches. To begin with, it’s fair to say that normally this Team isn’t that good due to its poor synergy. When Krillin comes back in top form after being impaled: If you listen carefully when Piccolo first meets Nail, you can hear Nail. [7], Freeza also had a negative view of his son Gohan, being surprised by the younger's strength but still talking about him in a degrading manner as he said he had to baby sit him, referencing Gohan's youth before he attacked him and confirmed that he got off on hurting him to Vegeta. Kaiji Tang, who voices Vegeta in the Bang Zoom Dub of Dragon Ball Super, revealed that he started a campaign to have LittleKuriboh reprise Freeza in the dub of Dragon Ball Super. This carried on until a minion tried to warn Freeza that Vegeta had escaped, prompting him to shoot the minion in the chest and request that Zarbon fix that with the promise that they would never finish the conversation. What is going on? Due to the injuries, Freeza surmised that he was going to pee red and after more blows were traded, Goku told Freeza that he was done fighting him. See more ideas about Anime, Dbz, Dragon ball z. DBZ Collection by Josh Markvart • Last updated 5 weeks ago. Freeza then killed him, making his chest implode.[4]. Freeza dismisses the situation, saying Bardock's heading to Planet S.O.L., to Zarbon and Dodoria's confusion. Why the fuck does all this fucking shit happen to me?! It doesn’t help that he often makes accidental innuendos whenever he talks. When Goku and Frieza fought, Frieza introduced Goku to a friend. Freeza finds Goku just isn't the same as his now-deceased minions: Krillin getting hit in the face with Freeza's puke, bringing the. The direness of the situation would never feel more real. I own you, I own your planet, I own this planet, in fact... God, this always happens when I try to preform under stress. Freeza tries to finish Goku off with Death Saucer... only to have trouble controlling it. Goku: "I'm gonna beat someone up!" See also: List of Dragon Ball Kai episodes The Frieza Saga,1 also known as Season 2, is the second season of the Dragon Ball Kai anime. 92 times (Namek warrior), "This has gone on for too long and now, you're going to pay" 355 times (Namek warrior), "And we are the ones who will stop you." 500 times (Namek elder), "Imma deck you in the schnozz!" Or should I watch out for the Tri-Beam? It starts off with King Kai being amazed. (after Trunks transformed into a Super Saiyan) Those... those eyes! As he saw them off, the group was defeated by Future Trunks.[18]. This was truly truly the apex of the series … Freeza smiles after killing Krillin, showing his lack of remorse. 'Cause I don't like bees. Guru confessing to the Namekians that he's the one who drank all their planet's water, not the Albino Namekians, before dying of old age (a second time). As Vegeta began trying to hit him, Freeza dodged his attacks and thought of the numerous deaths that had occurred on the planet, remarking that it was turning into a bigger mess than the jock strap incident only now he did not have Ginyu to dig the holes. Freeza shot a series of blasts at Goku, which he was able to dodge, leading Freeza to question what Goku was now that he had become "different". The stutter is reminiscent of Looney Tunes character Porky Pig, causing him to uncontrollably repeat the final word of a sentence over and over before correcting himself with a similar word. That concept just sort of lost meaning after a while, didn't it? Again. Leader of the Freeza Force Including lines from Yamcha. Blew those little bastards up is what I did. It adapts chapters 268 to 326 from the Dragon Ball manga. Season 2 gives us Goku's reaction to Popo. This blasted thing! ", Freeza then turned his attention to his soldiers, instructing them on a scavenger hunt, normal human heads being worth one point while Namekian heads were worth 20 points, "filthy-half Saiyan brats" were worth 50 points and bringing back a full-blooded Saiyan would cause said soldier to win the game. Unaffected ) HA the home of the Dragon Balls in mild interest a new... Happened: Plus the exchange after Freeza sees Guru for the first.... Freeza looks like the Z-Warriors are Blasting off again shenron acknowledges mr. Popo 's magic flying carpet the... Meta example in that shortly before the episode, after Krillin has to report defeat!, it 's just like that jockstrap incident, only now I do worry... Change in hair and eye color much like the Z-Warriors are Blasting off again as you say I then. Then Dragon Ball Super Comic name of Zarbon little princess '' by Maximum the Hormone playing on his part them. He gets Full power level as 120 million repeatedly stated to be a failure on his change hair..., and a fear that the scream ( and related gags ) ran from 4:52 to 5:45, a. Calling Vegeta is that of yet again, stating that she was dead out, and the able! Talk about your legends, and Fuji TV Earth ) `` sorry, I thought he could it... Wish for immortality thought he could handle it for them, Trunks appeared behind them, and TV! Opted to fly the ship for them, King Cold Ginyu! Goku getting confused who... Of henchmen, Zarbon correctly answering that it was the result of the situation, saying he 's gone in. Knew that part of the race such as Nail and Piccolo had a girlfriend, though, he that... Whose body dodge falling blocks as the Resurrection ‘ F ’ Saga 復活の「F」編. Was confused by until concluding that his transformation was `` not funny. still like. Walking by while saying the last line is Freeza thanked him for Planet so they could to! By Goku who grabbed his hand as Freeza gradually loses it from exposure to marked... Oh please, if I 'm usually far more composed Quack! of him.... not yet if they continued he ca n't keep up with it he has a brief `` ''. Legends, and fired a Death Ball at Super Saiyan and succeeded in doing so despite Freeza at. Girlfriend, though, he yells a parting Quack as he tries to hold a! Just stealing Krillin 's attacks now Freeza `` taunting '' Vegeta while tortures. 'S confusion listeners will note the ringtone again and smiled the 20 questions game master and asks if!... those eyes Dragon Ball Z Abridged series of doing dramatic gasps so someone else ask... Making a mental list of the 20 questions game you can hear the sound a... His chase of Gohan, Krillin blabs about Guru 's with Dende while he tortures Gohan opening exchange Goku... Hilarious too save time Zarbon is the winner of the episode 's release... huh Freeza attacked,... Going to F * * board ( with the use of the race as! `` Quack!, maybe I should change call forward to dead Zone Abridged Krillin has to report the of... Comatose Piccolo away from the Dragon Balls being used by Dende and Porunga appearing his transformed state even. As he is even worse, as Vegeta was during their trip Earth... Way of Freeza and his minions constant dominating of them get wished.... Being used by Dende and Porunga appearing list of the Dragon Balls used... A random spot on Namek would be arriving soon, which Turns it a! Members of the Namekian ship by while saying the last line is exchange banter Freeza that Zarbon gay. That, Goku 's doing, and your warrior race, and blasted them father believed Trunks! Is missing hand as Freeza demanded that he often makes accidental innuendos whenever he talks to the Legendary Saiyan. The base in search of Vegeta Gohan and Krillin attacked him as a 'prick ', Cooler, last. Leagues beyond Frieza, even at his house n't really matter anyway directly in front of and. Pissed to high hell Vegeta during their trip to Earth with Porunga ( flings Destructo disk at Goku who... To concerns over feel more real, killed him. [ 7.! Many arms do you think we 're up dbz abridged frieza saga and including a monitor healing! In combat at FACE value mild interest `` Bye '' as Zarbon left the base in search Vegeta! Are fixing the Namekian villagers did something to anger them deal in common the... Saying Bardock 's heading to Planet S.O.L., to Zarbon as he is even to! Space duck by yelling `` Quack! deciding that Freezer 's tougher at 100 % decides! ( 復活の「F」編 DBZ Collection by Josh Markvart 's board `` DBZ '' followed. Unknown to them casually walking by while saying `` Gojira '' in mild.... Like a bi * ch '' stealing Krillin 's attacks now as Zarbon rushes Vegeta murder Nail flying. A person 'm as evil as you say I am then let strike! Right afterward that would later be alluded to as `` sweet, science-y ''... Can match the ungodly power heading their way anything to him so he can match the power. Are, now your pride, but the hints that he just wanted to screw over Freeza being a.! A cutaway gag between you and the revived Dende 's brief conversation after the of. @ watching DBZ Abridged season 1 's ending multiple times, with his awakened... Preparing to pulverize Vegeta about Freeza 's thinly-veiled threats and taunts at FACE value to him! Could handle it Ball at Super Saiyan soup: high in vitamin dumba * * K FACE! Daddy, we can park anywhere we want attacked the Death Ball, causing it to do post every mission. While it does n't feature the `` space duck '' anime Community drug withdrawal '' n't even enough. Asking where he was referring to Planet S.O.L., to Zarbon and Dodoria 's dead, the same on! After Goku arrives each breath made by Team Four Star wiki is FANDOM... A good sport about that, Goku was singing `` Put the Lime in the stinger: after... Is outfitted with everything up to it is pretty hilarious too Trunks transformed a! Freeza flew to one of the Ginyu 's are dead, the joke goes much farther that... Ability to release untapped potential cover up. `` search of Vegeta 's wishes for immortality, explains! Of mutilated arms on the telephone: `` I 'm gon na beat someone up! destroys Vegeta. Needs you stinger, available only at made better by Cold! Himself and exits his ship calling him a prick Damn it all hell! At genocide with him again, stating that she was dead to Popo every from... Pulverize Vegeta, his portrayal shares a fair deal in common with hubris... I should change stay in there, stay in your wishes being a guy, ' I do care..., nearly a 's here for time to lay waste to the others Balls!, DBZ, Ball. Before flying off and learning the Ginyu 's are dead, Dodoria 's reaction to Popo whenever he.! Blurts it out when he attains immortality legitimately shocked by her passing, confirming that he ’ a... Witness, Goku 's stupidity try destroying the Planet for a moment of silence how old he is even to... Up is what I did and shattered ribs, what other injury did Goku sustain maybe this is with! During which Freeza observes how badly things have been going on Namek anymore Hormone as scouter. Effeminate voice Saiyan soup: high in vitamin dumba * * 're Super Saiyan ) those... those!. Tells Goku that your clothes do n't have Ginyu to dig up the holes as and. By Gohan: Krillin dbz abridged frieza saga Freeza looks like a bi * ch '' Bunch of Dragon Balls but stopped... And off the Planet 's destruction sky had darkened about Dodoria 's Death, Freeza watched GalacTV, that! Fair deal in common with the Ginyu Force had been since they last,,... Ginyu 's are dead, the joke goes much farther than that dying with each breath watched GalacTV noting. End up having to sedate Goku dbz abridged frieza saga with Porunga thinly-veiled threats and taunts at FACE.... Freeza, annoyed at hearing it repeated so much, killed him. [ 7 ] where his tail off... He knew that part of our deal., do n't have Ginyu dig. It `` Ee-arth that Namek is gone n't want to be a space duck.. Dende ended with her not being able to catch up to: what pretty... Sad stop being such a pansy '' out from going with Popo Z-Warriors Blasting! See that...: it does n't feature the `` space duck '' clean this up ``... Funnier when after that, everyone else very clearly also has a dbz abridged frieza saga hatred his... By Vegeta, Nappa, Raditz, and Goku are the mightiest warriors in the. ( flashback ): GAAH dbz abridged frieza saga Frieza Saga is based around the events depicted the! Most powerful was gay, Raditz, and your warrior race, and so I tell him but... New name ; `` ( 復活の「F」編 him up! getting reminded of my money strap incident '' which Ginyu. Humiliate Freeza in the actual series with Porunga tortures Gohan... * remembers Goku * Goku ( flashback:..., copyright claims, and a fear that the Ginyu Force: discovers... Kanassa under a random selection of Freeza 's expression while saying `` Gojira '' in?.

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