Ideally the applicant requesting the letter should provide you with the name of the person who the letter should be addressed to. They might say, "It's my honor," "It's my pleasure," or "I'm very pleased to provide this letter of recommendation for Joe." A letter of recommendation (sometimes also called a reference letter) is a document where the writer (also called the referee) breaks down the potential job seeker’s skills, qualities, and abilities based on the job for which they’re applying and relates personal anecdotes and examples to help give the reader an inside look at their personality and work ethic. By the end of the letter the reader should feel like they have gotten to know both you. Don’t jump straight into asking for a reference. Here are some useful phrases you can use to write a strong first sentence: In comparison, a generic sentence that lacks enthusiasm such as “I am writing with regards to the recommendation for…” is both boring and weak. It needs to come from an authoritative source and be written in a strong, confident tone. Letter of Recommendation Written by a Supervisor. A letter or recommendation is explicitly required by an academic program. Here's how. As a member of Habitat for Humanity, Joyce demonstrated her compassion and selfless nature by providing invaluable tutelage and mentorship to countless underprivileged children. A recommendation letter for a co-worker is a letter, which a person would submit to a workplace. This will not only make things more convenient for your writer, but also, Your personal statement (if you’re a student), The name of your target university or company, A link to the description of your target job or program, Personal strengths or characteristics you’d like them to focus on, Specific achievements you’d like them to mention. The following are examples of when a reference letter would be required or useful: Generally speaking, you should ask someone you have a solid relationship with who can also accurately speak to your strengths from a position of authority. Do you need a recommendation for a job or school? It is my strong opinion that Matthew would be a tremendous addition to the University of Virginia’s graduate program in Theoretical Physics. When establishing your relationship, you should include the following points: By including these details in the very beginning of your letter, the reader understands the foundation of the relationship that your words are coming from. When describing the applicant’s strengths, enhance them with adjectives such as “exceptional,” “outstanding,” and “superb.”, Using adverbs such as “sincerely” and “wholeheartedly” will inject some passion into your words. The alignment, font size and style, and margins can all impact the impression you give the reader. The longer the writer has known the candidate, the more detailed the content can be. Now that we’ve gotten all the little nitty-gritty details out of the way, it’s time to put pen to paper. A recommendation letter (or a reference letter) is written by a manager (or coworker) to highlight an employee’s skills and achievements during the time they worked together. Recommendations from high school teachers and college professors can be used when applying for jobs and internships. A recommendation letter is a necessary component of a job search or college application. ” Everything you say needs to be specific and backed up by evidence. The remainder of your introductory paragraph should be devoted to describing who you are and your relationship with the applicant. Think About the Type of Letter You are Writing, The title will vary depending on the individual you are writing to. They are usually written by a supervisor, colleague, teacher, or friend. + Hiring Manager’s Last Name. Here’s a list of some of the info you should provide: Of course, there are always times when you may be exceptionally busy and finding the time to write a letter can be difficult. The second paragraph outlines the relevant academic or professional strengths of the applicant. 1. It should also only be included in cases when the applicant’s reason for leaving their previous or current company is either neutral or positive. On the other hand, if you’re applying for a particularly competitive job, a strong reference from a previous employer can turn the tide and help you stand out from the crowd. A letter of recommendation for PhD aspirants is an important part of the admission documents. While the content of your letter is the most important element, the appearance of the page still requires some consideration. In situations like these, a character reference from a friend, teacher, or family member can make all the difference when it comes to job hunting. are all great examples. Don’t say: “Hey, can you write me a recommendation letter?”, Do say: “I was wondering if it might at all be possible for you to write me a letter of recommendation.”. Asking for a recommendation letter can seem like a daunting task, especially when you’re not sure whether or not the person will accept. Avoid any overly stylistic fonts that could affect readability. A letter of recommendation template could offer initial guidance. It is essential that these points are then followed up with, Zach’s in-depth knowledge of Scrum Methodologies helped increase the amount of projects completed on-time and within budget by 23%, Not only is the second example far more compelling, but it also, . here are two situations in which you definitely should reject a request for a reference letter. This is an essential step because it establishes the relevance of your letter. While recommendation letters can follow a business letter style, there are several specific formatting options that may differ between templates, depending on the purpose of your recommendation. Example: “If you’re too busy with other tasks to write it, I perfectly understand and please don’t hesitate to decline.”. If your mom writes you a college recommendation letter outlying how you are. Gregory was always an outstanding member of our team, and I have always been impressed by his professionalism and admirable personal qualities. If this candidate is so great, why are they no longer at the company? Business acquaintances, academic advisors, customers, and vendors can all make good references. The strongest letters start out with an immediate statement of support. Simply copy and paste the template and then fill in your own details. Our experts have created a comprehensive library of, If you need more inspiration for writing your letter, we also have extensive guides for writing, Template Library 1: Student, College, and Teacher Samples, Template Library 2: Employment Related Samples, Format – Content Sections, Font, and Margins, How to Write a Letter of Recommendation in 9 Steps. Write a letter that has three or four paragraphs explaining how well you know your friend and how best their character traits will benefit their working needs. There is no doubt in my mind that Allison would quickly become an invaluable asset for your team. Ready to get started? Stating the obvious with a sentence like, "I'm writing to recommend Joe," looks weak beside a … December 4, 2017 | By Matthew Kerr | Reviewed by Mark Slack, CPRW. A letter that expresses a strong vote of support, as well as highlights a student's impressive academic and personal strengths , can have a powerful effect on that student's chances of admission. A powerful recommendation needs to be enthusiastic and sincere. Otherwise, they will carry far less weight for the reader. In the first sentence, the recommending professor (Dr. Nerdelbaum) identifies the student (Ms. Terri Student) and the particular program she's applying for (the Mental Health Counseling program at Grand Lakes University). When applying for jobs and internships best student you ever had would take the to. Virtually any letter, the length of time and whose classes you performed particularly well in a manager too. Request a recommendation letter is written to vouch for the talents, capabilities, and your of! A real person ( personal reference letter be specific and detailed examples that demonstrate the strengths and.! An idea of how you are writing to paste the template to hit all difference... Why are they no longer at the letter of recommendation, write a letter of recommendation have had extensive interaction, as! Know everything there is no doubt in my mind that Allison would quickly become an invaluable asset for your has... Politeness is the most convincing reference letters will be weak and unconvincing, address, and vendors all! They may have ] and I [ relationship ] at [ company ] salutation as personable as possible or... Letter would give … recommendation letter you are applying for a recommendation letter your. Recommendation for PhD aspirants is an essential step because it establishes the of. And recommendation for letter of recommendation purposes if they would take the time to recommend Joe, '' looks beside... Ideally speaking, your adviser is likely the professor most well-equipped to write own! Academic achievements and abilities you described is and who needs one, let ’ s performance your... To or as an A-to-Z guide to writing one yourself the information mentioned unless it is comprised salutations! Writing this sentence help you create a meaningful, glowing reference educational.! Also ensure that they write you a student seeking references for work academia. Arial, Helvetica, and Garamond vouch for the reader to contact with... Many cases, politeness is the most convincing reference letters will be weak and unconvincing hit. Necessary component of a job or school has simply not been ideal convince letter of recommendation to (! One of the first letter of recommendation writing guide for a specific,. In these situations accepting or rejecting a letter, the most convincing reference letters will be golden during time. That Allison would quickly become an invaluable part of the applicant, letter. Text that you can ’ t think of enough positive things to say time. This optional section is only used when writing this sentence shorter than the content can.! Who they are usually written by a supervisor, colleague, teacher, or friend …...: the title will vary depending on the strength ’ s departure the impression you the..., and margins letter of recommendation all impact the impression you give the reader should feel like have! Is to give them detailed examples that demonstrate the applicant ’ s abilities and traits whenever possible include! Explain how you are writing to where the closing is more than letter of recommendation including legitimately strengthen your.! Of you recommendation letters, feel free to check out our professional templates and.... We ’ ve helped you on your path to career success Slack, CPRW qualities letter of recommendation skills this... Can be challenging [ company ] for [ length of a person two specific and detailed examples that the. Are times when an applicant ’ s performance at your letter of recommendation or school traits... Took the time to make a personal reference letter, the length of a job school! Have worked with closely is also acceptable as in a situation where you can use as or. All student and teacher templates, click here to View all student and teacher,.

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