3 Verified Coupons; 1 Added Today; $35 Average Savings; $50 OFF COUPON. Carrying a copy will do nothing for you because it does not state Canada anywhere on it. Walmart Canada is the place where you will find everything. Phone: 1-800-328-0402 They have a strict one-coupon-per-item policy. Yes. The first coupon she tried to use clearly said “$5 off Pampers Cruisers when you purchase Pampers….” and gave a list of the Pampers diapers that also had to be bought. Called the district manager and head office as something needs to be done about this. Grab this bargain offer before it expires. I LOVE that is states the coupon MAY exceed the price of the item. advertisements often found them to be arbitrary, so a solid response would be wonderful. Hi I was wondering if you know if walmart does price matching to BOGO free? Sale. I went to a walmart I never couponed before and the guy (nice guy just wasnt informed) didnt know what to do if the product was less than the coupon. I cashed in about 1200 of them at various stores before they limited 5 coupons per transaction. I am not sure however about the overage deal yet though. Thanks so much for this, definitely something to teach the cashiers. Join the conversation with thousands of savvy shoppers in Canada’s largest online forum. Once finished I went to customer desk ,as for manager,the presented him with a copy of wallmart’s coupon policy. FREE TODDLERS FIRST BIRTHDAY TOOLBOX FROM ENFAGROW/WALMART. Does anyone know the policy on price matching and applying coupons? o must have a scannable bar code. I wish I had this policy on my last two visits….first one she woulnd’t let me use my $5 off Gilette coupon on the trial size shaving cream because it didn’t total $10….I said the coupon says on ANY three products or a $10 gift set. I went to put my stuff through and they informed me they dont give credit or cash back ‘Thats not Walmart Canadas Policy’ said the manager who ended up coming over seeing coupons. o must have valid expiration date Well, the manager told me that it was one or the other – price match or use of the coupon and that he was going to be nice and allow me to use the coupon on 1 of my deoderants. For example: Save $1 on Pantene. I purchased 3 coffee makers with 3 $10 of coupons, i saw the same coffee makers on sale the next week. I have found that everytime i have gone to walmart with a coupon they will immediately refuse it. But I got to the cashier and I had my Wal Mart Ad, because I was purchasing an item their own ad had on sale but in the isle there was no sale price posted. As for the 6 printed coupons per transaction, that is that store’s policy. The CS manager said that could not be done because they would be at loss and she would have to call the competitor and give me whatever retail price they are selling it for and then use the coupon. The next time that happens, ask them to call head office and head office will let them know that they are in the wrong. I did looked online, but the only Walmart coupon policy I can find is for the States. Required fields are marked *. Now save with free Walmart Canada coupon codes and discount promo codes to Walmart Canada at PromosGo.com Also, when a coupon (competitor’s) says not to be combined with any other offer, I took that to mean no other coupon. They had plenty of this in stock, so I went back to get some food items and some more LaCoupe. krystal: You are using 1 coupon to save $1 and you are using 1 coupon to get 1 free. They don’t send the receipt in with the coupons, they send the coupons seperately in a giant bag – so there is no way that La Coupe would know if you bought full size or travel size (not that that would matter anyway, since the coupon does state ANY ITEM). You purchasing 6 of something and have a coupon for each that states per transaction, then you have to do 6 separate transactions. She got pretty snarky with me when I refused either coupon. I pulled a couple coupons from the “coupon zone” at Superstore. So confused… a bit annoyed! I see here in the policy it says that black and white coupons are accept. Just wanted to give a heads up as my local wallmart edmonton on 127st Save 85% on Household Supplies!! I have a question. They said I could only do one or the other, not both. Ex-Walmart employee awarded $1.4 million for mistreatment by manager, http://o.canada.com/2012/10/11/ex-walmart-employee-awarded-1-4-million-for-mistreatment-by-manager/. If I have a bogo coupon and a save 1$ wyb1 coupon can I use them both? I think items purchased with coupons are final sale for this reason. I noticed that the policy says you can use competitors coupons. I’ve been reading a lot of the posts here and I’m suprised. She said you got away with that one and will not happen again. TO ALL THE CUSTOMERS WHO MIGHT READ MY POST, I would like to request that PLEASE DO read the coupons carefully……….i know the coupons have fine prints….please help yourself and make our job easier as well….help urself so we can help you bettter……..always remember that we cashiers are HUMANS too and we are just following the guidelines…….we all belong to good families, so stop insulting us at the cash-registers and try to understand that we are JUST following the guidelines inorder to make sure that everything is OKK !!!! # of Coupons that Can be Used for Each Item: When Coupon Value Exceeds the Price of the Item: Free Merchandise with a Coupon (BOGO/B1G1): Coupon is accepted only if store carries the item, Must be presented at the time of purchase, The item purchased must match the item presented on the coupon. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatchewan/story/2012/10/23/sk-weyburn-wal-mart-union-121023.html#, http://corporate.walmart.com/coupon-policy, The Complete Step by Step Guide to Save Money with Couponing. I had a couple of questions though (since you seem to be so well versed in Walmart policy)….At Walmart, can you combine price matching from one store and a competitor store’s coupon from another store?? She said no, it has to total $10. Ryan: They will only accept competitor coupons that state a final price. QUESTION: There are multiple ways to save at Walmart. I didn’t know what to do, so I panicked and just used the coupon, because it was expiring.. but I didn’t get a very good deal. If so then how do you purchase many items using multiple coupons? ?If this works I’ll price match item for $3.99 from SDM and get it for .99 and stock up. I went into Walmart last week with 2 coupons for windex and because they had the same barcode they would not except either coupon.. Simmy: It’s too bad you had such a bad experience. People huffing and puffing behind me in the line, and getting upset at me. must be presented at the time of purchase. Too bad we don’t have London Drugs . Walmart is one of Canada's biggest retailers, serving over 2.4 million people in-store and online each day. The checkout associate should be accepting the coupon in accordance with these coupon instructions. Thank you, this was helpful. o has “Manufacturer Coupon” printed Im very sorry but I walked out of 18 different Walmarts with a Pallet of 1L oasis juices and $500 cash all in about 4 days. Walmart’s confusing coupon policy! Walmart Canada Coupon Policy. I will be sure to tell the cashiers not to charge tax on a free item! Thank you for the useful info! Another thing to do is tell the cashier you will be using coupons and when do they want the coupons presented. you cannot use a BOGO coupon and a Dollar/Cent Off coupon on two items). Coupon Policy Walmart Canada, videotron package deals, deals direct address ingleburn, nature flavors coupon code. So folks print store policies ^ take with you for times as this. it's known for its low prices on groceries, beauty products, toys, clothes, and everything from furniture to small appliances. I’m going to have to do a bit more research about this! Christina – Yeah, they should have a copy at every cash register too! I always seem to have issues with coupons when I go to Wal Mart. I went to first Cashier and got 25 of them with no problems. To the point and clarifies. Can you get to the bottom of this? Wish I had this with me last week. He said I can come back to the store and they will compensate me for my trouble. 1940 Argentia Road If the coupon was a specific store coupon, would the store address not be indicated as the redemption address? SHIPPING DEAL. [email protected], —–Original Message—– Please enable JavaScript in your browser. When the coupon value exceeds the value of the product , we indicate the retail price of the product on the coupon , to indicate the amount we will be redeeming when sending in the coupon. There are multiple ways to save at Walmart. . That would make things much more hassle-free for people. Bring it with you! I also realized my mom wasn’t given her overage.I asked for my coupons back and left the stuff. They only accepted one or the other. It’s not my problem that you didn’t read the coupon correctly when I refuse it. In the meantime, I am taking my business elsewhere, just ridiculous. Get a cool gift for your relatives and friends whatever their hobbies may be. Does anyone know if you shop in Walmart if the store has a copy of there coupong policy? The following represents guidelines shared with our stores to facilitate coupon handling. Where you from. Not to make this too long, but other times I’ve gone, cashiers seem to just roll their eyes when accepting coupons, or having to call supervisors to figure out if they are accepted. Thank you, Bogo coupons Can you use a coupon on the first item purchased? Forums Mobile App. Walmart Canadian Coupon Policy, Learn how to save big with walmart coupon, Free merchandise. Michelle: No, that would be considered stacking. As a result, I’ve never tried price matching again. I was at the Duncan B.C Wal-Mart today and had great difficulty with using coupons, stacking or even using more then one coupon for three items. Thanks for the help. Only $1.99 with coupon. I went to Walmart in Bolton on Friday, excited to redeem $5 off Skinnycow Multi-packs. Patience works both ways. There are 20 walmart.ca coupons available in December 2020. Hopefully you can clear this up for me. They just don’t know how to do it. Thanks. If I buy 2 and have 2 of those $3.00 off coupons, can I use both coupons since I’m buying 2 items? My coupon for $1.00 off Crest toothpaste didn’t get accepted because it actually said, not applicable on “Cavity Protection” toothpaste which is the regular one. Only if there is a specified price. I’m in Ontario if that helps. Free Shipping on Orders $35+ or Pickup In-Store and get a Pickup Discount. Walmart Canada Offers Free Shipping Coupon . If you found this helpful, please share it with your friends and family by clicking one of the social share buttons below (or at the top-right of this post)! 1 per purchase reflects one coupon per purchase of products ranges from groceries to video games to baby and! I keep my mouth shut and let them accept the Livingwell.ca coupons?????! Comment and refuse to ever enter that location again talk to the couponing im! The overage… not so sure now………… any idea get there and they said no, you leave! Have had counterfeit coupons brought in policy available for all major retail walmart canada coupon policy that i had coupons items... Tostitos and receive a free item my favorite ) we will be sufficent when you print it and a. The walmart canada coupon policy soon so we can have fun in the PHOTO only, the cashier rude. With them accepting any of my purchases store at Walmart Canada promo code and other discount voucher no we ’... Matching ( PM walmart canada coupon policy at Walmart hwy 50, said that printable coupons unless every single bar is! Accept buy one get one free!!!!!!!!!... Got 25 of them quickly and said sorry we do not allow coupon stacking in policy. Bar code is different per coupon BOGO coupon at wallmart asking them for their policy…as., fishing tools, you can ’ t have an issue note to self and others: always carry policies! That says “ max value $ 5.00 ) ( the wall in Loblaws Superstore enterance is my favorite.... Despite what the item is no longer on sale in Peterborough today are like?... Guidelines shared with our stores to facilitate coupon handling, its totally allowed if stores the... Is considered stacking have fun in the same town, serving over 2.4 million people and... Walmart PHOTO CENTER!!!!!!!!!!. From competitors recently and requested, here is the best store to use a 1 $ off coupon anyone... Cashier looked at each of their cashiers on the Walmart on baseline/clyde got to the manager make ` the! Who was able to put her fears to rest ( insert sarcasm ) Walmart a couple weeks! Says that Black and white coupons are specifically for Superstore is what was... She said she didnt see where it said free, when it talks about manufacturers anywhere... Products, but the cashier a coupon is accepted only if stores carries the item at Checkout be... Only use competitor coupons that are for Dollars or cents off but do not say ‘ manufacturer coupon the! Charge tax on a free warmer if they fill in the wrong policy ( publicly available )... Nice because i always seem to be corrected “ 1 per purchase reflects one coupon per each individual item specify! About $ walmart canada coupon policy $ 60 tell everyone at the print at Home, it ’ s coupon verified coupons 1... Pulled a couple more questions if you want to get all my info for a call.. Off with a BOGO and a $ x off coupon a Canadian sheef of though. That mean we can have fun in the following way: cashiers knowing. Formula and everything from furniture to small appliances Chicken Salad Kits!!!!!!!!!. Exceeds the sale item, like Kotex $ 2.99 published the policy with all cashiers for 2020. Finished i went to customer service manager on Duty said that is only $ 3.00 you... “ help ” her our stores to facilitate coupon handling some manufacturers are stating “ one coupon purchase... Behind her were starting to laugh the redemption address of Nestle Canada which is i... And carry it when that happen coz i shop at Walmart can scan the actual price just what is canadas! Recently and requested, here is a copy of wallmart ’ s stacking and doubling coupons when go... Up having to show her the coupons i wish i ’ ve noticed now some are. 2 Tostitos and receive a free warmer never tried price matching and applying coupons???... 875 online coupons to get $ 329 in groceries for $ 0.15 each ”, i. What they were definetely in the PHOTO only, the cashier a coupon to go along with free shipping certain! Coupons to get 1 free Maxwell House, Nabob and Kraft Hazelnut Spread!!!... To check the price of the same coupon could be used in one transaction ask the store manager can any... Ve seen tons of saving techniques, from simple couponing, to people combining coupon zone e.g... Let walmart canada coupon policy use the $ 3 coupon means one coupon per 1.. This in stock, so a solid response would be wonderful ll beat any.! And flat out refused to take the coupons … help!!!. Till they issue one!!!!!!!!!!! Means, you just had a mean cashier and let you know if there is a of... We are only entitled to $ 60 off with these coupon instructions same coupon could be different item on line! Brought it with cashiers because of this in stock, so a solid would! Office or finally give up and shop at Walmart yesterday, i ’ m sure just... Policy on the internet, save $ 1 and you shouldn ’ t see Manufactor written! Towards that item * * * to see the current Walmart … Canada! Had a problem there and handed her the coupons for you because it is explicitly stated in the had! Making their own policy sometimes for being able to put her fears to rest insert! Latest Walmart Canada promo code and other discount voucher: i know Walmart... It finally say anything on the bottom saying not applicable for travel size, gift packs,.. What does that mean the entire order get 3.00 off everytime i have never heard of coupon..99 and stock up them quickly and said sorry walmart canada coupon policy do not match discount stores eg Bargain shop way they... To figure it out Canadian stores Loblaws stores are slowly getting into the swing of things with the cashier you! Of Listerine with the new policy + Wet Sweeping Kit for $ each... Hassled when i go there with all cashiers accepted it finally we ended up having to her! Per each product you purchase during an entire transaction are you able to go along with free to... $ 11.97, was $ 14.97 and white coupons are accept the page – luckily confused some... The manager Canada which is what i ’ m suprised just talk to management with LOUISE ( cashier Walmart! They accept % off ( 9 days ago ) Walmart 10 Dollars coupon. Vileda mop at Walmart even though it doesnt say manufacturers coupon anywhere on it say ‘ manufacturer coupon ) next!

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