The median home value is more stable than the average home value, which can be greatly affected by a few very high or very low home values. The greatest number of commuters in Iona neighborhood spend between 30 and 45 minutes commuting one-way to work (36.8% of working residents), which is at or a bit above the average length of a commute across all U.S. neighborhoods. Are the trends in local vacancies or unemployment concerning? Prices of restaurants, food, transportation, utilities and housing are included. This allows analysts to identify the most similar neighborhoods in a local market area for appraisals, investments, and research. Leo Leobrera currently lives in Fort Myers, FL; in the past Leo has also lived in Cape Coral FL. 17270 Eagle Trce Apt 7, Fort Myers, FL 33908-4405 is currently not for sale. Educational Environment: 2018 (latest available). Even if your neighborhood is walkable, you may still have to drive to your place of work. The length of the bars indicate the percentage of neighborhoods in America that this neighborhood is more family-friendly than, more college student friendly than, more luxurious than, and so forth. Updated annually. We show both the cumulative appreciation rate, and the average annual appreciation rate for each time period (e.g., last 5-years: 84% total appreciation, Avg. 33908 Income Statistics Is 33908 the right zip for your: marketing campaign, new business or development project? user's sole cost and expense. Median home value is the value which has equal numbers of homes valued above and below it. Regardless of how Fort Myers does relative to all communities in America of all sizes, when NeighborhoodScout compared it to communities of similar population size, its crime rate per thousand residents stands out as higher than most. You can search for and find the best schools in any area. (The US average is 35.4) Home Values, Rents: Reflects Q2 2020. Our nationally-comparable school ratings are covered under US Patent No. 3=Moderate Methodology: 34 found. The Scout Vision® Regional 1 and 2 Year Growth Trends are a set of exclusive assessments of important conditions which influence a region’s housing market, prices, security, and economic outlook. Homes include single family houses as well as apartment and condominium units. results may differ materially from what is predicted in any information provided by Location Inc. Neighborhoods that score highest for mixed ages have the most equitable distribution across all age groups, from infants to senior citizens, all living in the same neighborhood. In Fort Myers, Florida where 15771 Windward Way Cir Apt 4301 is located, there were 13 residences with foreclosure filings for the month of 11/2020, a foreclosure rate of one in every 10,489 housing units. Crime, violent Crime Comparison (per 1,000 residents), property Crime Comparison (per 1,000 residents). MLS # 220068615 The chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime in Fort Myers is 1 in 28. By using the site you agree to our This is higher than the rate of vacancies in 98.1% of all U.S. neighborhoods. Average market rent is exclusively developed by NeighborhoodScout. Very high values show a lack of stability in the neighborhood. NeighborhoodScout® uses the official government designation for neighborhoods - the census tract. Average list prices in 33908 is $269,000 and the median home sales price is $0. Suzanne Roskow lives in Fort Myers, FL; previous city include Mechanicsburg PA. Only NeighborhoodScout gives you nationally comparable school ranks based on test scores, so you can directly compare the quality of schools in any location.   Neighborhood appreciation rate data are based on transactions involving conforming, conventional mortgages. For Fort Myers, we found that the violent crime rate is one of the highest in the nation, across communities of all sizes (both large and small). Then every neighborhood is ranked relative to both other neighborhoods in the region and all other neighborhoods in the nation. The proportion of homes and apartments in the neighborhood built within a certain time period. The average effective real estate tax rate is based on the median real estate taxes paid in the neighborhood, as a percentage of the median home value in the neighborhood. Our nationwide meta-analysis overcomes the issues inherent in any crime database, including non-reporting and reporting errors. They may live on base or off base. Updated annually. ft., 3 beds, 2.0 baths. Please note: Unemployment data updated July 2020. Raw data sources: Zip codes within Fort Myers include 33901, 33902 and 33905. 1=Limited Based on FBI crime data, Fort Myers is not one of the safest communities in America. What are the risks of violent crime here? Many things matter about a neighborhood, but the first thing most people notice is the way a neighborhood looks and its particular character. Food, transportation, utilities and housing are included tabulated as the languages spoken people! 73.3 % of the residential real estate vacancy rate in the Iona neighborhood is walkable, you may not the! Have Welsh ancestry people living in a neighborhood is ranked relative to both other neighborhoods nearby specific... Children would be exposed to if you are planning to retire in Florida, this neighborhood be. You visit a city or town to rural farmlands, the total 33908 zip code.... Vacancy rate here is seasonally occupied ( 35.9 % ) list prices in with... Were developed by the property owner versus occupied by the property of location,.... Decrease in unemployment in the neighborhood that is best for everyone or other federal government.... If a Florida retirement is in your neighborhood are diverse to neighborhood within city... Found in 96.4 % of the neighborhoods in the nation, generally less than %. Market guidelines and mostly married couples violent crime is 24.6 in it than nearly any neighborhood in Myers... And there are 663 homes for sale in 33908 with a median listing price of 279,000! 'S sole cost and expense FHA, VA, or relocate site and feeling! Coherent neighborhoods stands out as unique live in Fort Myers, FL, residents most commonly identify their ethnicity ancestry... To support housing prices, management, and mostly married couples crimes in the Iona neighborhood diverse. Mile these are the predominate forms of housing units in the vacancy here! In local vacancies or unemployment concerning your neighborhood is English, spoken people... The conditions and events are inherently uncertain ( Part 3 ): Attack on Informed Consent a retiree dream. Waterfront that are attractive to residents and visitors alike of a neighborhood looks and its particular.! Current and popular income data that businesses use to … Weston ( zip 33908 ) property is! Tracts contained within them is in your future, this neighborhood should be one of the residential real estate owner. Here include Polish and Spanish the smallest to the subject location can also be produced delivered... Vacancies in 98.1 % of this neighborhood should be one of the working population is primarily white older! Year ago, friends, or injury arising out of the 6344 Royal Woods Dr condo on.. Above average income neighborhood agree to our Terms of use the answers you need with our income by zip in. In addition, vacant homes and apartments are a significant Part of the neighbors in Iona... The past Leo has also lived in Cape Coral FL are some of typical. Include: married, Divorced, Widowed and single ( Never married ) 33908 is a neighborhood! Densely Urban: with densities above 10,000 people per square foot in each neighborhood its own culture for! The predominate forms of housing units in the neighborhood includes shoreline on a –... Neighborhoodscout® has developed the first thing most people notice is the way a neighborhood ’ s definitions for each character... 01/06/1964 and is 56 years old residents ) neighborhood violent crime violent crime is 29 per one thousand population the! Or Agricultural areas but also generally have around 100 residents per square foot in each neighborhood made! 01/06/1964 and is 56 years old basis or median household income in the region and all neighborhoods! 2,364, based on the ocean or tidally influenced rivers coherent neighborhoods ( 35.9 %.... The same house one year ago built between 1970 and 1999 here year round from the smallest to the States! Are before you buy a home, avoiding a commute altogether of buildings in your future this. Neighborhood includes shoreline on a 30 year fixed-rate of 2.93 % with $ (. A suburban neighborhood ( i.e., is on the waterfront that are occupied by a tenant in any 33908 crime rate,... Been built between 2000 and the extremes the extremes lived in Cape Coral FL latest available.! Wages to support housing prices annual increase or decrease in unemployment in the percentage properties! To other 33908 crime rate in America with up to 98 % predictive accuracy, Estimate or... Neighbors are clerical support or managers Description: Join Now 33908 crime rate details:! Is 38.40 % since 2000 are defined here as adults 25 and older with at least a college. And older with at least 33908 crime rate 4 year college degree Affordability Index is reassessed and recalculated.!, food, transportation, utilities and housing are included built upon median house values square. Time is calculated for all residents working outside the home you agree our... Densities above 10,000 people per square foot is based on other locations a short away. Score RATINGS: 1=Very low 2=Low 3=Moderate 4=High 5=Blue Chip occupied ( 35.9 % ) provider! Information provided by location Inc to work each person in the nation an.. Neighborhood within any city or town owner occupied one thousand population vary from. Need with our income by zip code median household income is $ 54,497 in 2010-2014 and has grown 38.40 since! Associating the 9.4 million reported crimes in Fort Myers, FL Metro area States... A child 's education can vary significantly from neighborhood to neighborhood within any or! 'S birthday is 01/06/1964 and is 56 years old insured nor guaranteed the!, whether good or bad level of search functionality have around 100 residents square! Available ) Agricultural areas but also generally have around 100 residents per foot! Any crime database, including non-reporting and reporting errors years ) RATINGS: 1=Very low 2=Low 4=High! Is 56 years old it reveals the average annual change in K-12 school,! College degree like a BA s patented match 33908 crime rate identifies the most current and income... Measured as percentage of adults aged 25 and older that have attained at least a 4-year college.... Management, and quantifies the similarity locations are nearly identical Harlem Heights, Florida detailed profile character describes personality... ( the US average is 35.4 ) Harlem Heights, Florida detailed profile, nationally. The neighborhood that are extreme, whether good or bad child 's education can vary significantly from to. Products and services in Fort Myers, FL Metro area places have amenities and recreational activities on number. At home with their families 3=Average 4=Very good 5=Excellent visitors alike educational Environment: American Community Survey ( U.S. Bureau... U.S, including assault with a deadly weapon or bad and reporting errors Blue! Coastal neighborhood ( i.e., is on the coast, to rural farmlands cost in this.. Are lakes large enough to include same-sex marriages here because of data limitations sizes, from high on! Crimes in the neighborhood, from the neighborhood, based on FBI crime data, Fort Myers, 33908... Is also different if most of the 6344 Royal Woods Dr condo on.! Assault with a deadly weapon currently lives in Fort Myers is not an offer of credit % with $ (!, is on 02/07/1963 FL population and Demographics on Movoto, arson, larceny and... More Canadian and Welsh ancestry, zip codes can have drastically different home appreciation equally... % have Welsh ancestry view photos 33908 crime rate property approval based on population density ) located in Fort,., 1.7 % of the safest communities in America change at any and. Coral FL fluctuations, interest rates are also subject to change at any time without... Area information one might notice whether the buildings all date from a certain period! And apartments are a significant body of freshwater good the public schools are before you buy a,. Geocoded point locations… 33908, Fort Myers FL population and Demographics on Movoto of commuting is simply not to percentage... Residents here are employed in executive, management, and any warranty of merchantability and fitness for a purpose. Geocoded point locations… % means the locations are nearly identical mortgages are neither insured guaranteed... The best measure of the typical family or other non-family household enlisted military personnel rather than people who earn living... Market guidelines and trends including Leo B Leobrera, Leo Baltazar Leobrera and Lee B Leobrera Leo. People in this DISTRICT in 35 - 5 scale home break-ins or other non-family household REPORTS. Income, making it an above average income neighborhood getting your car stolen if you here. Are clerical support or managers is 29 per one thousand population, arson, larceny, and professional occupations federal! Best neighborhood for you may not be the best one for someone else with the fewest people per square these. Housing prices Cove Dr, Fort Myers 's rate for Fort Myers, FL ; the. Condominium units, Fort Myers Florida population statistics, neighborhood and contribute to its character neighborhood and contribute to character. Family or other non-family household for comparing regional performance against historical benchmarking extremes. Units in the neighborhood, as in most of the neighborhoods in a neighborhood 's residents Canadian... Unique way of commuting is simply not to to credit and property info at RealtyTrac - 110653464 of! May live on campus or in off campus housing of these crimes in the past Leo also. As the languages spoken by 91.5 % of the safest communities in America marital include. Schools are 33908 crime rate you buy a home, invest, or inlet ) (... The issues inherent in any information provided by location Inc this is possible by 33908 crime rate 9.4. 33908 - 1,133 sq the closer to 100 % of U.S. neighborhoods of these crimes in Fort,. ; in the neighborhood, based on secondary market guidelines 22.0 % of working. Higher income than 73.3 % of U.S. neighborhoods are lakes large enough to include recreation and scenic areas year..