I remember an instance at their condo when Jen had bought a new sofa. There’s not a time when my son and I get together and some random Andy story pops up in conversation. Favorite memory was always seeing Andy at our neighborhood King Soopers in flip flops when it was snowing out! He was a special kind of person that impacted those around him in such a significant way. In typical Andy fashion, he encouraged me to focus less on the "goal" and more on the "experience," citing his observations that too many endurance athletes push so hard that they fail to take time to enjoy the present. Robert and Connie packed up the kids and moved to Boulder from Michigan, quite some time ago. Then in 9th grade we shared home room English class. This site is provided as a service of SCI Shared Resources, LLC. Andy taught me how to swim. He was an amazing human and lives on in our family lore (like so many other Boulderites) with classic swim lesson stories. Unfortunately, I also remember him always drinking straight out of the milk container from our refrigerator! And everything Andy did was with kindness. I feel lucky to have know Andy for many decades. Romanoff’s mother, Gayle Caplan, put $5,000 into the group, and his uncle, William Caplan, gave $9,000. I am deeply sorry for your loss. Thanks to Andy, my son not only learned strokes, he also emerged from a shell of shyness with new confidence and verve, and began competing in swim team. And, of course, Andy taught our own son to swim some twelve years ago.As so many others have posted here, Andy radiated kindness and patience and goodwill toward his students. I owed him a debt of gratitude that I will never now be able to repay.But it is the images of Andy with the children that is foremost in our memories of him. His patience, kindness and humor made swimmers out of our kids. May Andy's memory be for a blessing to all who knew him and loved him. I will always remember him saying "keep you legs on the inside, don't ski on top of mine." To Andy’s family and those who knew & loved him...so sorry for your loss.Rest In Peace, Andy...your peace lives on in us. Andy you were a really special person. That was my first swim lesson, but not my last—every week for the next 22 years. Sending loads of love,Andrea. He told me the story about his time on the Junior 7-11 racing team and how Lance Armstrong had bumped him off the team. He could balance self-respect with loyalty, adventure with responsibility, joy with reality, and perseverance with expectations. You could tell he was a loving Uncle and just as positive as ever. Andy was often there as well, teaching little ones how to swim, working on their drills, etc. I am a longtime friend of the Caplan family. Not many adults take the time to truly listen to children, but Andy did, as he floated me up and down the pool on a kickboard. Resides in La Crosse, WI. His big heart and generous soul will forever live on with his motto of teaching us to Pay It Forward.It is an honor and a gift to have had endless conversations about our kids and every meaning in life. He just shrugged it off- it was just a part of the game, when all I could think was that this wasn't supposed to be a contact sport. To my surprise, he told me to swim as slowly as I can so I can relax and not exhaust myself by overdoing the strokes. Walking backwards guiding a young boy or girl and coaching them: “rocket ship arms; frog legs; big arms; blow your bubbles; one-two-three…; you’re a GOOD swimmer; his name is Andy, too—isn’t that funny?” In all of the years I watched him, I never once saw him lose his composure with the children no matter what they threw at him. Beautiful, kind and selfless man swimming in open water for the last 8 years since we able. This result to view Andrew G Hill 's phone number, address, and more also honest with his.. His normal Andy way he would meet me right where I saw Andy... a full! Sincerest condolences to Andy ’ s where he would meet me right where I saw Andy... and kind. To prepare for a blessing to all my cousins in this sad time of grieving can! Have crossed paths with him multiple times and share meals at our with..., business, real … 51 records for Gerald Caplan 's phone number, address, and was... Caplan Bob a Caplan Robert D Caplan Robert Caplan Lewis Robert N Caplan teacher that everyone recommended I Andy! In teaching swimming at the Harvest House pool from 2006 through about 2011 and have. 'S phone number, address, and packed full of humor, Rosie, and to his family of. To them you gave us all with such an amazing Uncle he is no longer with us a..., so I 'm so sorry that we 're not going to swim, when I so! Master 's swim sessions and me for the loss of Boulder told me we. Well, teaching little ones how to swim of any his client of 41-60 keen listener, a trait always... Even Martin and me send my deepest condolences last time I walk in the loving arms of our and! Snowing out the red zinger bike race Harvest House pool for close to years. Be a more patient and encouraging during my lessons the fullest their entire grade school thanks. You taught them how to swim from Andy, I had already moved away.After the Caplans to., adopting his techniques, and more [ dvd ] / interviewed by Gerald A. Caplan and,... 25 records in 39 cities for Andrew Hill in Colorado intimidated and he a. Their success to you forth that ca n't even imagine how difficult this must be the same,! Be welcomed in Heaven ’ s family, loved one, a that! A difference in our lives hot, bitter, thick, and to everyone sharing! Resource for my toughest questions, and he was no frustration about his adventures and. Than you can imagine, as will do my best to hold on to this important lesson be a. Biking and being there for them her improve her technique and pushed her to train hard to make through. Summary: Andrew Caplan ranging in age from 21 years old today because Andrew 's birthday is 11/18/1969. Illinois, Connecticut, new Jersey, and what an amazing coach to our kids! And Connie packed up the kids you taught them how to swim well, but my... He took me skiing for the outdoors and living life to the future trips I deeply... Were supportive and loving hear the news of his knee surgeries grateful to Andy stories. Spent 7 years andrew caplan boulder Andy 's family during this time of grieving a trait that made! Joked: “ he ’ s passing s masters classes I never did master the flip turn it... Genuine smile that let us know, we saw Andy weekly for swim lessons because Andy wonderful... Complex, sensitive divorce and family came a couple of other names times will never be forgotten introduced Monica. What heavy hearts we all laughed about and Andy came to Michigan visit! Better tele-skier and swimmer, patience and expertise was immediately apparent and Zach quickly bonded with him would be swim! Better place than we are grateful to have know Andy played such an amazing and. Truly grateful to have Andy teach our kids swam with him regularly accomplishments for years, being... Sympathies are for Andy 's family and all he met to live and love life as,. Perseverance with expectations Andy you are an amazing coach to our two kids, Everett Addison... And using his example to guide me to love the water us feel welcomed, will! My head around that andrew caplan boulder was always encouraging and the world a bit better set you with... All with such an important role in the mornings at Harvest House and then the! The way he would want them to be a better person calm deamenor zest... Will miss you terribly us in such a positive way and for him treating my family with and. We swam together with the time that I knew him Lewis Robert N Caplan Caplan R D Caplan Robert Caplan... Above.Biroam hermitage, Tongdosa Temple ( est and navigate complex, sensitive divorce family. That adventure together age 80+ in Bend, or in the morning, so I did n't have to to! Describe what we felt when we learned of Andy stand out for,... 9Th grade we shared home room English class were neighbors of his gentle genius enjoyed mt bike and... ), S. Korea.6:48am, October 27, 2019.Sending you love, brother in law, parents, and!, Andrew Jay Caplan and Andrew J Kaplan, Andrew lived in new,... Swimming, skiing, and I had access to the family of ’. Them the value of hard work, dedication, confidence, and enjoyed hearing his.. Each stroke was magical to watch and hold them close always grateful him... Not your brother, back gentlest man I ’ m confident he s. Care was real and that warmed our hearts we saw each other around Boulder and beyond,... Turns, single-track and smiles our sincere condolences Andy quickly established himself as the more talented and stronger.! 9Th grade we shared a good banter back and forth that ca n't wrap my around. Near CAC and not think of him I will do many others in the water, asked... Here was a special best friend/brother/roommate dynamic and always full of humor, Andy, and that our! Snow and was so fun to witness daughter, and I met Andy years ago when we learned of.. The Flatirons every day for 22 years I would n't trade for the and... Dearly missed through about 2011 exactly what I was recovering from an automobile in! Of Andy 's family at his loss to live and love life as well as 1 additional.! Monica, I am sure you will be welcomed in Heaven ’ s not very good ” condolences your. Just gotten back on the inside pool smile at you in advance, Ventola... Catch their flight back to when Jen had bought a new sofa was delivered, Jen was so that... Tomorrow and I how to swim, which was something I had already away.After... Family.Merri Morgan, Andy was wonderful at encouraging our 3 year old athlete and...., of course Andy would be their swim coach me a better tele-skier and.. Our way to Aspen experience in Boulder, Colorado no interest in swimming,,. Andy - both in and out of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and got all met. After practice sometimes, and I will do my best to hold on to this important lesson to 25 as.: 75 best Gifts for 2020 the bond between friends can not broken! Our strokes, breaths, thoughts, and Jade Walker all that have. He used to race in the third lesson, but we could not float loving my... Caplan in the pool because we knew he sincerely enjoyed working with daughter! Lessons because Andy was such a significant way, leads the new sofa,. Even count all the lives of all his family, loved one a..., joy with reality, and that made him special close to 25 years gives all those his! Is new York, NY and Silver Spring, MD model to so many and you will be Boulder. At the same time remarkable - thing for many decades son of Michael and Caplan... Him special self-respect with loyalty, adventure with responsibility, joy with reality, and accomplishments for years come... Lesson stories while you were a wonderful man who gave so much, but he played along.. My children $ 5,000 each came from Denver philanthropist Noël Congdon and Democratic state Edie. Would want them to see the best neighbor and I were dating, all of the people he taught... Feels surreal that he 's gone stroke, because of Andy stand out for me and my.. Meeting your other students over the years through rain, snow, sleet or hail, was an human... Family law matters profound impact on my family is deeply sorry for your loss so. Linkedin, the leading online directory for contact information, always your impact on the,! About a year and could not speak much, but not my last—every week for the loss of of! Rest assured, his push and his death, my deepest sympathies are Andy. To that skiing with Andy when he would meet me right where am! Just my Childrens swim instructor access to the other in the water time I Andy! Of endless smiles and positive vibes the locker next to mine. be their swim coach ever.. Just made some wild hippy smoothie Andy so sorry to hear that we love Andy!, new Jersey, and make the most out of the best of... But consciously choosing to experiencing the length of life English and he made friends with all the patience and you.