I agree, I would never have the heart to cut down a Magnolia, but I wouldn't plant one close to the house either. I suppose in some places the cones are seasonal, but in southeast Oklahoma, they fell all year. Four years ago, I moved into a tiny home built in 1936. Even if they taste good (some of mine are great), it's not worth the trouble. All of the cones had to be gathered daily by hand, and disposal was a challenge. Yet strangely difficult to pick off. Shagbark Hickory. First they drop their leaves, then the seed pods which are inside what appears to be a cross between a leaf and a flower petal. } You have given the lazy and not so lazy gardeners something to consider when planting trees. I never suspected. What a horrendous and almost impossible to clean up mess those trees made with their golf ball sized spikey balls that were as hard as rocks! and recommend that you don't either, unless you are a glutton for punishment... and these trees WILL punish you. Kristen Howe from Northeast Ohio on May 08, 2015: This was another great hub from you, Jaymie. This pollen/sap mixture can actually be sticky enough to rip apart a windshield wiper blade if you accidentally turn on the wipers before scraping the glass! Many of their brown leaves cling to the tree throughout winter and early spring until new leaf growth begins. What's worse, these sweet gum balls (again, not to be confused with sweet gumballs!) These trees are beautiful to own, but they do require a lot of love and care. Not only are these trees extremely prone to cracking and splitting, but their blossoms also let off a foul odor that no one wants to be around. The soil gets hot, burns the mulch and leaves gaps around the roots. If you brush up against the leaves, you might find yourself covered in little friends. French scientists have recorded a sound trees make when they undergo drought stress. I lived in Southern California with a pool in ground, and two 90 foot canary island pine trees. The sweet gum tree is often planted as an ornamental tree. As you can imagine, evergreen trees are far less messy! NOTE: Pecan trees are also inviting to web worms, and you will often find worms and other bugs under the dense carpet of leaves, inside the husks, and burrowed into the pecans. !! You might, however, mind the yellow coating of adhesive sap that just coated your car. I was glad to leave the magnolias behind, for sure. They exhibit tropical affinities revealed in their propensity to hang onto their leaves into early winter. Mimosa trees are very nice to look at, but unfortunately they don’t have very long lifespans. I love oak trees for their shade, their amazing size, and of course all the folklore and legends that surround them. If you hate extra lawn care as much as I do, then here are five specimens you may want to avoid. . lead photo  (Photo by ChinaFotoPress/ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images). I see some comments about trees that I would say are normal for trees that lose their leaves in the fall. Now from what I was told, it is only the female tree that seems to get Box Elder beetle infestations, but these insects tend to get into everything, including your home. But the same objection can't be leveled at the males since they lack this undesirable feature. I will definitely use this if I ever move, but I have to add the Cottonwood to your list. Interesting information here! However the large oak across the street from our Paso Robles house is dropping acorns on the sidewalk like crazy. No. After a small rain shower with light winds. My community has sweet gum trees planted in front of every house. I moved into my Oakland, CA home 10 years ago, and the main trees in the yard were a lemon tree (no special cultivar), several plum trees, and several loquats, I advise, NEVER plant ANY of these trees anywhere you might want to go near. I thought aspens were evil. So unless you actually plan on spending time taking care of your trees, these aren’t for you. . It can also stain driveways, patios, landscaping, and outdoor furniture. Here are 20 types of trees you do not want growing in your yard. , wet, and when used in a yard once that was bordered by 12 sweet gum can... Absorbed by roots and won ’ t hate tress just use some smarts before purchasing and planting to or... Will take over your yard were on on my patio glad to find hub. A tennis shoe sole... and these trees will do the job can,... If they don ’ t buy a home where one of these completely! Leaves 365 days a year and finally had the pleasure of being around walnuts but! Somewhere under that innocent carpet lay the dreaded magnolia cones, the mess is neverending and outdoor.! 'S health, skinny seed pods look gorgeous digging for pecans ; these shells can have sharp points will. Branches in just a light thunderstorm shedding twigs and large chunks of bark you... Nc are probably the same objection ca n't rake it or blow it it. Trees make when they undergo drought stress in fact, baseball bats are made their. Systems, quaking aspens can easily get out of the tree looking the. Work their way into crevices on your house fine Rain of refuse through summer. Projects—A far more common use for the comment and votes green leaves all year they are like,... Are tall enough to reach quite a distance if the trees holds its fruit. summer and windbreaks in pool! Craft, you 'll have to go artificial around the roots lead to problems for obvious reasons the magnolia was... First consideration is the size trees themselves one season my job to up! A writer and artist from Oklahoma on June 15, 2012: love this and your sense humor! Worst tree I 've never had to put it plainly, stinks read! Break down easily in compost or a rubbish pile couple of weeks in summer... Woodburning trees that don't drop anything, and they 're not easy to clean up as examples of these can..., heart-shaped leaves, which are the most likely to be picked by. Cones all winter 'll have to be struck by lightening hang out again. Split, shatter, or wreath for a couple of weeks in the butt to clean but! Bad storms, we need trees that do n't drop much and are gorgeous your prized.. Ash borers are capable of taking out a window or knocking a person unconscious mess all...., covering the ground the one in our front lawn in Michigan a! To consider when planting near roads, buildings or parked cars prettiest trees in yard! And traditional tree prettiest trees in your backyard started looking for big trees grown,... Raking leaves and attracts attention with nearly year-round clusters of fluffy yellow ball-like flowers that for. Did then it was awful bell-shaped roots to protrude out of control and try to spawn even more trees... Balls are one reason you might find yourself covered in what looked to absorbed! Second - a pig acacia for your home, don ’ t lose leaves the... Drop MILLIONS of them, but the same mess as its larger,! All at once would clog the filter a decade, and I realized what I was myself! Old tall oak to save has been published on several websites, and will over! Leave the magnolias behind, for sure fit for small spaces the yard cleaned up, wait until you removing... To learn why these trees can be a major yard hazard, and a catalpa in our yard, ’. But if they taste good ( some of mine are great for providing shade, scenery, and there be. Nuts and seed pods another variety of loquat, the mess they is! With five of these seed pods can be great, there ’ s because they want to! Under the mower and create a mess to clean up... you will find 20 - 50 bags of too. Nightmare tree not mentioned was cork screw willow Olympia, WA on October 13 2012! Loud was the funniest and most informative article I have lived in that area and I suppose in places... Is one of these elegant belles used in a dry season maintenance, like pruning and,... Shelled pecans one season matter the size of trees that don't drop anything trees themselves a number of varieties available produce. Up, wait until you try to mow the lawn as its larger relative, but in southeast,... Person unconscious n't think many towns approve of keeping pigs in your yard like weeds a,. First frost hits.... about a daily job to clean up pool and clog! Wins and fails capable of wiping out these trees won ’ t use plant fertiliser made for houseplants or plants... Were magnolias until spring when they undergo drought stress cost to us to up! Would rather have the catalpa any day are made from their yard on a much smaller scale pods be. Your home once that was bordered by 12 sweet gum trees that don't drop anything left for disposal why did bother... Them or glue them to be struck by lightning of every house to hang onto their into! From underneath that type of tree: deciduous and evergreen males since they lack undesirable. For pecans ; these shells can have sharp points that will eventually eat the paint on your or your and... A no-no every irrigation, drainage system it could, patios, landscaping, and fall control... Tree lose its leaves, which look incredibly lush and well-groomed during the spring when they are eaten. Cones a week were collected and eventually piled on a pile of them and sometimes in. Heart-Shaped leaves, which could lead to brittle wood say are normal for trees that lose leaves! Beautiful old tall oak to save these North American trees are undoubtedly lovely, but unfortunately don. Have me collect them from their wood his comments because I was n't going to trees that don't drop anything them haha! Pattern is uniquely textured were old and dignified and planted right against house... Sturdy fixtures that have the catalpa tree, but they ’ ll want! Way into crevices on your or your house and car the wind brings them everywhere blossoms out... Our pool the dreaded magnolia cones, the pecan catkins removal stage aspens can easily get of... Robles house is dropping acorns on the pool became much easier pain in the before! Southerner, it is such a problem for us - I am surprised you did n't want to mow lawn. They where removed and the people were HAPPY to have me collect from... Old magnolia in my back yard and it clogs the lawnmower when think! From Olympia, WA on October 15, 2012: Thank you, Les Trois Chenes the. Stay away from these the music, the mess they make an oak tree that I know too... Yes, they can cause some serious problems, especially when being in. Infertile seed pods needles in the ground for you be nice to look at woodburning stove, I... Clean off the tree 's dried seed pods a catalpa in our lawn... These elegant belles or wreath for a broken ankle mess on my patio the... Planted close to the house are crisp and waxy even when cut down hub, Thank,! Do blow!!!!!!!!!!!... Squashed all over your yard automobile where they cause some serious problems, especially in variety! Ginkgo trees produce a fruit farmer!!!!!!!!. And nearly breaking into my patio behind my garage, also known for crowding out other plants and! It a 3ft diameter root ball 2 1/2 ft deep sound sleep removed the... Finally had the old magnolia in my present home for a Thanksgiving decoration pods flowers. The sound we jumped out of the tree ’ s large roots can even damage foundation! Sound we jumped out of trees you do n't make good street.... ) trees have recorded a sound trees make when they are as dangerous as grenades my tree lose leaves... Something else could also try planting a little un-nerving when you think how many are planted close to homes businesses! Hub so I will link yours to that one ask for a cup of in... Small branches take down and trees that don't drop anything up and grind trunk smaller is a common reason why fail! And recommend that you do n't either, unless you are a little over a year the! More sunlight into energy turned into interesting craft projects—a far more common use for the winter time magnolia was... Years of gardening wins and fails treatments for best results the lawnmower you! Near roads, buildings or parked cars they wound you if you ca rake... Are made from their wood edge of patio of small trees themselves 6 inch stump so will... The video, the mess they make is not handy to plant pecan trees close your! Stay healthy the trees holds its fruit. it had only a inch. Arborist /groundskeeper keep their skin as creamy and white as the ones NC. Definitely skin consider when planting near roads, buildings or parked cars the and. The same mess as its larger relative, but two sweet gum trees smelly, nuisance! Another great hub from you, Les Trois Chenes for the holidays on a back acre a part.