Also your forgetting he managed to damage Goku while he was SSBKKx10, Frieza interfered before their match could finish. . 17 has demonstrated no feats that puts him above SSJ3, considering that his best feat in the tournament is getting the marginal upper hand over Dyspo, who himself is inferior to SSJ3 considering that he isn't much better than SSJ Goku and unable to escape Caulifla's full nelson. » SSJ 2 Goku(Android) vs Android 17. @noobsnowman: right but my point is that taking 3 attacks from Jiren (one for Frieza, one that knocked both them back and one on his own) and still not being KO-ed and continuing to "fight" even after admitting he can't beat him (Self-Destruct) is more than enough to say SSG Goku won't be one-shotting him at all. Gohan lost to Goku, whereas Android 17 fought Goku to a tie, with it being suggested that both characters were holding back. Also how do you think 17 would do against movie beerus who fought ssj god goku if beerus came to destroy the island 17 works at? This seems impossible, though, because Trunks was a baby when 17 was activated and never saw him. Goku's new power is really not at all quantifiable at the moment post ToP. Connect now. Whereas the other Androids are mostly mechanical, 17 and his twin sisterare cyborgs, having been forcibly transformed into their current states by Gero. Both 17 and Gohan performed just about as well against Toppo and suppressed SSB Goku, this kinda supports his claim. The Android 17 is especially well-designed as he maintains an arms-crossed posture and a stoic expression to go along with his overconfident demeanor. @oreoghoul: Jiren didn't one-shot Final Form Frieza either, so its likely that Jiren didn't intend to knock them off immediately. (Toppo's was charged though), @chronicplane: Could also be that said writer holds Gohan in high regard. A full powered SSG could probably break through if this is the case. Hell Fighter 17 is essentially identical to Android 17from the Android Saga. 86 Fists Cross For The First Time! And is he even interested in joining? 19/set/2017 - Post anything (from anywhere! @chronicplane: The way an exhausted SSG Goku toyed with SSJ2 Caulifla and Berserk Kale. 18 wins in a tough battle. Topics are hidden when running Sport mode. In the wakes of fatigue, Universe 7's combatants prepare for the final assault against the almost, unstoppable foe, Jiren. ), In comparison, Goku's full-powered Kamehameha (that Beerus and Whis specifically remarked as being serious, thinking it. Join Community. So that isn't a tanking feat by any means. I do not own dragon ball Gt, all credits goes to its creator! 17 performance against Jiren alone is … S 1 EP86TV-14 V = Requires a cable provider login. @jon_don: @helloman: @jooosh1996: Could you elaborate as to why? It's worth noting that he hasn't beaten any SSB tier character, Base Toppo a clear cut example and needed assistance from Golden Frieza to win. While Vegeta and Trunks were in the time chamber, Piccolo battled Android 17, and then Cell, who absorbed Android 17 before Goku came in and saved Tien and Piccolo using Instant Transmission. No fuckin contest its Goku. He noticed Golden Frieza was buying time and says he can't allow that, so he was definitely intending to knock them off. I would say that Goku will barely edge him out if he's not playing around. The SSB Goku 17 fought is stronger than SSR Black cause it's passed some time since FT arc and 17 became even more powerful during ToP. android 17 hasnt gone full power yet and goku has to go ssb for him,meaning goku mostly edges him,but hes good,on par with vegeta maybe. He is in the realm of their strength, as he was shown to at least be around or above ssj3 Goku, but that doesn't automatically make him above SSG or equal to SSB. I mean from the recent episode #17 looked awesome but Goku is able to adjust the power level of ssb because ssb masters ki control. The second one was the brief fight between 17 and Jiren, and 17 conceded defeat after taking one attack, which counts as a one-shot. @karkus: He's likely referring to the Dragon Team in general, how 17 is able to keep up with them. 17's barriers stood up to SSB Goku, Toppo, Anilaza and Jiren; SSG is not even coming close to breaking it. Fair enough, though he has work around's such as using IT. I going to say Goku takes it if he can get it done quickly, the longer the fight goes the more it favors 17. Goku transforms and takes down the killer machine. It should be noted that Toppo blocked Goku's Kamehameha, but didn't do this for 17's charged attack. And in the manga the gap between SSG and SSB is less than x10 since SSG Goku is stronger than 10% SSB Vegeta. Android 17 also fought regular SSB Goku and both were holding back, and Hit didn't fight Kaioken Goku, so that argument doesn't really hold up. Goku Saiyan Warrior Para Android. We saw goku go all out in the exhibition match vs universe 9 and he basically destroyed Toppo, the guy in line to be a god of destruction and vegeta is basically always just a little behind Goku in terms of power. 1. But anyway SSG Goku and 17 are both equal for me with 17 having the slight edge due to infinite energy + barrier. I'd say 17 is on a goku SS2 level right now. #5 Edited By Chronicplane @oreoghoul: One of the writers states that Android 17 = Gohan in power, who is genuinely believed to be below SSG Goku. One year after the defeat of Baby, Goku is competing in the World Martial Arts Tournament's junior division as a result of his height (although Mr. Satan created a height requirement due to the fact that he is afraid to face Goku). re: Goku + Android 17 or Pikkon (Potara) VS Gohan Buu Chad, 17 and 18 were cyborgs, 18 was able to reproduce, and 17 is a cyborg as well since they're twins and humans can't have a machine as a twin Stephenbarkess75. 3. I thought the general consensus was that he was low-SSB. I respectfully disagree. Goku, Android 17 and Android 18 vs Universe 2 - Dragon Ball Super Episode 118 English Sub. Posted by 2 years ago. Goku (All out + Kaioken) ~ Vegeta (Beyond Blue) > Golden Freeza > Ultimate Gohan ~ Android 17 > Piccolo > Android 18 > Kuririn > Muten Roshi ~ Tenshinhan. I'd give the edge to 17 for his barrier and infinite stamina. JuegosAndroid. Toppo had to actively dodge from 17's barrage as well, and he still had parts of his uniform damaged/cut. A lot of people place him below SSG, even claims suggesting Goku would stomp(which I don't personally believe). Let me re-phrase that he traded blows with a heavily suppressed SSB which can hardly be compared to a full power SSB. Toppo powered-up was implied to be a match for Goku SSBKKx10, Indicated by his red-aura that was present when him and 17 clashed, In comparison, Goku's full-powered Kamehameha (that Beerus and Whis specifically remarked as being serious, thinking it killed Toppo) did not do as much damage as what 17 did to Toppo there. @karkus: It's hard to say. Likewise, 17 forfeited the fight against Jiren after taking one hit, which in your scan he confessed that there is no beating Jiren the old fashioned way. He stressed that it was specifically his own personal view of things but even then we have feats to prove he is way above Gohan. 17 took two of these hits, with one being directly for Golden Frieza (someone at least 10x SSG since GF = SSB). ssj3 Goku<=>Dyspo<=17<=>SSG Goku Dyspo < =17 < = >