Okabe grunts to himself, and Kurisu continues that time leaping won't break the 1% barrier, and that watching Mayuri die too often will eventually shatter him. Kurisu then explains that the Butterfly Effect was the explanation for such major changes, and one of the well-recognized risks in changing the past. Kurisu is then seen watching their plane, and when the group gets to check in, the passport official asks for reason of visit. At heart, Kurisu is a very curious girl who loves science and can not resist an interesting experiment. Steins Gate 0 is based on the alternate timeline or commonly known as Beta worldline. Steins;Gate is an anime series based off of the visual novel of the same name. Feb 13, 2018 - Explore Memphys's board "Kurisu Makise" on Pinterest. Worldwide Shipping Available as Standard or Express delivery Learn more. Future Gadget Lab Viktor Chondria University Okabe and Ruka promptly refuse, afraid that Norman Bates from the movie Psycho will commit a shower scene on them, but Kurisu says she has no choice. On September 25th 2014, Kurisu Makise won the AnimeBracket - Best Girl Contest, with 6620 votes. Get Steins;Gate 0 Kurisu Makise: Christmas Ver. Zero follows the consequence of Rintaro's choice and the effects it has in the world, as World War IIIdraws closer with each passing day. He warns that Kurisu should stay out of their plans to keep her safe, but Kurisu refuses. Weight: Because... important memories, including, but not limited to, one's first kiss, are stored in the hippocampus, which makes them harder to forget. Since it was dark there she was unsure the color of thread she used, either black, red, or pink. Yes. Instead of getting a message from his future self after his first failed attempt to save Kurisu, this Okabe doesn’t get any help from his future self and gives up on saving Kurisu and stopping World War III. The time leap machine has been completed. As they do, Kurisu thinks to herself that time is flying by. And having been in many of those universes, Okabe can formulate Kurisu from the dozens of Kurisus he met, and to that end, she won't truly die as long as he remembers her. 1/7 Scale Figure on the Tokyo Otaku Mode Shop. Goals Starring: Mamoru Miyano, Kana Hanazawa, Tomokazu Seki Steins;Gate 0 The eccentric, self-proclaimed mad scientist Rintarou Okabe has become a shell of his former self. Female He begins threatening Nakabachi with the knife, prompting him to flee with the paper when Okabe's blood drips on his nose. This time Kurisu comes up, admitting that she's worried about Okabe after he said he wanted to be left alone. Kurisu shrugs at the thought of someone wanting her around so much. Powers/Skills Suzuha then tells Okabe to open a video file he received on July 28th. Okabe notes that he, according to John Titor, possibly has the ability to keep his memories as he crosses world lines. Okabe, Mayuri, and Daru then come to Kurisu's apartment, where they quickly begin making themselves at home in all the ways Kurisu does not want them to. This can be found in Kurisu's Story in Steins;Gate Linear Bounded Phenogram (Visual Novel). He says he's okay, and after a brief talk about ninjas. However, he ends up running into Past Kurisu, and nearly suffers from a mental breakdown. They then begin making arrangements for bunking, but things get jumbled (with Kurisu even thinking that Mayuri has slept with Okabe before, and then with Ruka getting his feelings for Okabe mixed up again), and in the end, Okabe is forced to sleep in the same bed with Daru, Mayuri is with Ruka (which Daru finds "yuri-licious") and Kurisu is by herself. However, she can also show a much more timid side at times. But at the same time Future Okabe mentions the same thing. Despite Okabe's dismay, he agrees in order for Ruka not to cry. (Both Mayuri and Kurisu saved). Neuroscientist Trina Nishimura They discovered that Moeka's D-mail isn't about getting a new phone. She also says that one person helped them monopolize time: Kurisu - "mother of the time machine", explaining why Suzuha reacts oddly around her. She there reveals to both of them an astonishing truth. The Lab decide to test Kurisu's hypothesis by attempting to send a D-mail from Kurisu’s phone to Okabe’s, as well as to create a gel-banana using a banana from one of Mayuri’s bunches. Back at the lab with Mayuri, Ruka, Kurisu and Daru, Okabe reflects on the fact that, though the past has changed, the relationships between the lab members haven’t. Choosing the past through Time Leaps is just choosing between these justices. She also wears a pair of black boots which are partially unzipped and folded down. Okabe comments that she was all for the experiments this past afternoon. Occupation It contains her father's message, about what he feel when both his professor and close friends died in year 2000, and his apologizing for getting mad over Kurisu and left her, and about the gift he kept in Akiha's place, "My Fork". He then welcomes her back and holds out a lab pin for her, reaffirming their love. She also wears a pair of black boots which are partially unzipped and folded down. Kurisu refuses, but decides to substitute humans with memories. Blood Type: $123.99. Okabe offers to help her with it, but because the memory is the one of them kissing, Kurisu becomes flustered and throws a soda can at him, knocking him out. Mayuri then asks Okabe if Kurisu used to sit in his chair frequently, and seems to remember Kurisu's time at the lab. I literally thought: "wait after all that kurisu dies anyway?" As Kurisu collapses in Okabe's arms, an unregretful Nakabachi proceeds to leave with the paper. She occasionally makes statements - for example, that data collection should be considered before a subject's privacy - that have led Okabe to dub her a fellow mad scientist, much to her annoyance. $27.00. Steins Gate Zero: Episode 8 I do not own the contents of this video. Okabe doesn't know, but does retrace his steps, revealing that, since Kurisu didn't answer her phone or anything, he became worried and went around the city, including her hotel room, looking for her; this delights Kurisu. ", "I've only lived 18 years, but I don't want to change any of them. Makise Kurisu Okabe and Suzuha return from the past, where Okabe collapses on the ground in shock. Taking place several weeks after the final scene in Steins;Gate (October 2010), it follows Okabe–and the rest of the lab members–going to Las Vegas. Okabe likes to trick her into admitting this habit, much to her chagrin. Do-Gooder Though she is hesitant to admit it, she is a frequent user of the text board @Channel, donning the identity "KuriGohan and Kamehameha". Steins;Gate 0 is set on the Beta worldline, the one where Okabe stops SERN by undoing all the D-Mails but fails to stop Kurisu’s death. Nicknames: Kurisu now sprawls herself on the roof the same way Okabe did, albeit on the radio building roof. As Okabe reluctantly has her do so, Kurisu asks where he tore it. Later on after she left Okabe in front of the train station, Faris caught up with her and made her listen to the other side of the cassette tape she listened before. This prompts her to ask what is going on. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Okabe then manages to kick Nakabachi on the ground, and from there take the knife out of his stomach. Kurisu makes him explain what's going on, but after he finishes Kurisu says that, because none of the other world lines he re-arranged got him to the IBN 5100, he might only have to undo all of the D-mails before he can get to it, without taking shortcuts. Kurisu's original purpose for coming is to confirm Rintarou's allegations of her having been killed as true, but the gel banana she saw has shifted her focus. She is briefly mentioned in Chaos;Child, and she communicates via the in-universe Twitter (Twipo) in Robotics;Notes and Robotics;Notes DaSH. This ends up partially waking up Mayuri, who comments on the relationship before passing out again. Just as Okabe is about to concede, Kurisu also mentions that the IBN has to be in the coin locker for a reason: so that FB can come and pick it up, meaning that if Okabe sits outside the locker room and waits, he can see FB. Tip: Static Pulse works best when corresponding audio response is off. She then suggests that, since Okabe knows what the text said, he can undo it himself since Ruka wouldn't possibly want to go back to being a boy, but Okabe says that he doesn't know the pager's number and would rather not be so underhanded. Kurisu discerns from Okabe’s actions that they sent another D-mail. That night, Kurisu comes to Radio Kaikan building where Suzuha's time machine had crashed, and within the darkness she found the room where she was stabbed in another worldline. Later, Okabe is reluctantly out shopping for food for the sleepover while Kurisu and Mayuri are back at the lab. Not knowing if it’ll work or not, Okabe decides to take the chance and time-leaps, deciding to undo the D-mails that have been sent. Asami Imai Steins;Gate 0 Kurisu manages to catch his arm before he can, nearly hugging him in the process, and offers to lend him a hand. Okabe, still avoiding the subject, says he's only being a law-abiding citizen. $199.99. Chestnut (games)Red (anime) Episode 01: Prologue of the Beginning and the End Gender: When posting on @channel her personality is noticeably different, as she often uses netspeak or emoticons to communicate and her posts are generally much less mature than her usual dialogue. However, she can also show a much more timid side at times. Suzuha takes Okabe and Kurisu to where the satellite crashed into the Radio Building. Kurisu is also practical and a realist, almost to a fault; initially, she believes firmly that time machines are fiction and refuses to believe the Phonewave is one even after seeing it in action, claiming that Okabe had simply seen what he wanted to see. Origin He then heads for the fourth floor, where he has to imitate the first version of himself to go in the time machine in order to not alter Kurisu's memory; however, he ends up muttering that he is there to save her life instead of getting interrupted, much to Okabe's awkwardness. Okabe then comments to Kurisu that she did a great job on making the phone wave, and Kurisu initially says "Aww", but quickly goes "tsundere" (as Daru puts it). Steins;Gate 0 2018 16+ 1 Season Japanese TV Shows Eccentric Rintaro falls into a depression after failing to save Kurisu, but then a neuroscientist offers him the chance to interact with an AI copy. Everyone else says that that plan might be too simple compared to what Future Okabe said, but Okabe says that that is just perfect, scaring everyone. 1/7 Scale Figure. Her red tie hangs loosely around her collar, and she wears a loose khaki jacket that covers her upper thighs, and has black and white straps at the end of both sleeves and the rim which are used to keep the entire jacket on her arms. This is the reason behind her acerbic attitude, which she adopted as a defence mechanism to hide her vulnerabilities. Shouichi Makise (father)Unnamed Mother Relativity theory is so romantic. Just as Okabe was time-leaping, Kurisu is shot in the back. ". He admits he has come to terms with the fact that Kurisu probably has no more memories of their time in the other world lines, and hopes she has made peace with her father. After an embarrassing conversation during their trip, the two make it back to the Lab. However, later, at the Dai-building, Rintaro meets her, apparently in perfect health. Okabe transports himself back to when Daru is commencing the hacking. The opposite of justice is... another justice. However, as he gets the lightsaber ready, he discovers to his horror that the fluid has dried up just as Nakabachi appears. Kurisu gives him the papers, calling him dad. When steins gate is opened, does the timeline shift to steins gate timeline? Not getting the question, Okabe declares himself a mad scientist, but this causes the police to deem him mental and promptly handcuff him and take him away. Her hair color differs considerably in the anime (red) from the original VN (chestnut). Male model shown is 6'0" / 183 cm tall and wearing size Large; Female model shown is 5'8" / 173 cm tall and wearing size Small; ... steins gate kurisu t-shirts. Panting, she looks at Okabe and confesses his love for him, but then the World lines shifted. Okabe then heads to the seventh floor, where he decides to get the metal Oopa so that Nakabachi's paper will get burned in the fire. In response, Rintarou just gives a farewell remark and sprints downstairs. However, Okabe declares that they will go public with the machine instead of experimenting with it on their own. Rintarou's first plan in changing the past is… winning the lottery. Steins;Gate 0 – Makise Kurisu – Antinomic Dual – 1/8 Figure. The two decide to work together to save Mayuri from her seemingly-fated death. I stopped wearing teddie bear panties a few years ago!...Ah! Name Another D-mail experiment is conducted. Kurisu's papers are revealed to be a time machine theory, and Nakabachi is shown to have left some Academic group to do his own work and destroy their empire. Mayuri died again, which forced Okabe to time-leap once again seeks Kurisu’s help. I don't think there's a proper way to tell how or why X character that died in Y Attractor Field is still alive in the Steins Gate Worldline. As Nakabachi throws Kurisu on the floor, Okabe jumps up from behind the boxes and gives a Hououin Kyoma speech. Okabe returns to the lab, where Daru hacks back into SERN and finds the first D-mail. He learns that Kurisu has decided to leave the discoveries on time travel and details on the other world lines to him, then that she claims she has no memories of the other world lines beyond the Steins Gate one; however, when Okabe asks if she has any more "substantial" memories, she blushes and tries to ride it off. This prompts Kurisu to slap him and say that, if Mayuri dying doesn't harm him anymore, then his heart is already broken. Okabe calls Kurisu and has her fire the microwave up, but when the D-mail is sent Okabe quickly realizes that he is still on the same world line as before. She has been described as a tsundere by Okabe and Daru time and time again, though she is shown to be annoyed whenever someone calls her that, usually by doing something that ironically ends up proving their point. Okabe then mutters something about him and Kurisu, but takes it back. Swimming puts Kurisu in a good mood, to the point that when Okabe calls her "Assistant", she does not retort towards the name like she normally does. The timeline is pretty much the same up until episode 23. In general, how Kurisu treats others depends largely on how they treat her; she sometimes says disrespectful things to respectful people, but she is usually kind. When Daru asks when this happened, Kurisu realizes that Okabe has already changed the past using a D-mail. Full Name Though she is hesitant to admit it, she is a frequent user of the text board @channel, and dons the the net handle "KuriGohan and Kamehameha". The story between the two is exactly the same upto (and including) Episode 22. Steins;Gate 0 Kurisu Makise: Christmas Ver. Suzuha initially thinks that this is because Mayuri has a Reading Steiner, so Okabe explains that, if given the right push, everyone can have their memories shifted into another world line, so it makes sense that Mayuri has memories of Kurisu. Several months later, Rintaro attends a lecture by Alexis Leskinen and Maho Hiyajo, from Viktor Chondria University, the university at which Kurisu worked. After a few awkward moments of silence, Okabe glances at Kurisu and starts to head for the car, when Kurisu asks him to come inside to discuss something. It turns out that Kurisu wants to meet up with Rintarou once again, and after the brief call, Rintarou is joined by Kurisu at Yanabanashi Shrine. Just then, a man comes up to Kurisu and harshly asks her why she is there. He eventually finds the object, a glowstick lightsaber, with which he intends to use its liquid as a substitute for Kurisu's blood. Hysterically, he proceeds to take out a switchblade and slash at Okabe, but Okabe throws him against a wall, causing him to drop the knife. Kurisu Makise (牧瀬 紅莉栖, Makise Kurisu?) He follows Past Okabe and Past Mayuri to the Oopa vending machine, then makes a break for the eighth floor. Description. Japanese: Kurisu then makes Okabe and Moeka come to a bridge, and she shouts at Okabe for making Mayuri sad the night before. At the lab, Okabe sits solemnly on the sofa. Kurisu then hugs him even tighter and both of them fell down a flock of stairs, giving both of them a headache.→. Luckily, Mr. Tennouji has unexpectedly stopped a commotion from happening, but it alarms Kurisu a bit. As she has a sewing kit, Kurisu offers to stitch it. Later, Okabe mentions regretting that he never told Kurisu about their previous romance, only for Kurisu to find him right then and there in the middle of a deserted highway. While both focus on her relationship with Rintarou, only one of them will lead to the true outcome of the game. how has Kurisu survived in steins gate? At the bare minimum, anybody who wants to start a relationship with Okabe has to at least tolerate Dr. Pepper (known as Dk Pepper in-universe). Her handle name KuriGohan and Kamehameha could be based off. ...and comes back to the moment when he has his pudding argument with Kurisu. "It looks like you're both perverts." Kurisu is generally, sensible, serious and mature girl, usually calm and collected even when someone is acting tense in front of her. A It turned out well enough in the end, and Daru and Kurisu wrote the D-mail to Ruka's mother, undoing the change. In love Scientist, Mastermind, Assistant. Like Okabe, Kurisu is interested in lab coats. Okabe, deducing what it was, says it was real, then proceeds to confess his love again and ask how she feels. Okabe suggests that Kurisu should send the next D-mail, but she refuses. He gives Okabe two instructions: destroy the time travel paper and save Kurisu. Japanese: Alias Okabe tells her that he made the lab because he wanted friends. He proceeds to call her by name, and tells her they have to save Moeka's life. Okabe however, was too shy to even reply. Rintarou realized that the IBN 5100 is gone. Okabe goes for the knife, and Kurisu tries to get Nakabachi to stop, but he takes a screwdriver and begins threatening her with it. Okabe and Kurisu go to the local park to discuss the matter at hand further. Her hair, which she prefers to let loose, ranges in ginger shades all the way from mahogany to auburn. Okabe refuses, believing that he can't break the 1% barrier and save Kurisu, just like how it was with Mayuri. Okabe then thinks to himself that spacetime is infinite, and will always try to do the right thing as their reunion shows - and that is the true choice of Steins;Gate... Okabe and Mayuri are in the lab when Daru comes in wearing a Luffy Hat and a Hawaiian shirt. "Say it right, Hououin Pervert-Kyouma!" Okabe dubbed the ability “Reading Steiner.”. ", (To Okabe, at Mayuri's grave) "You've pretty much figured it all out by now, right? Later, Kurisu receives a call from Okabe and asks if they have made any "progress". Later, Okabe starts watching the weather, and asks how life has been for Kurisu. Age: Future Okabe then says that there is a way to save Kurisu, and Okabe just doing it in the wrong approach. Soon, Kurisu eats dinner at the lab — a bowl of cup ramen — and plays a certain trading card game with Rintarou, which she enjoys defeating Rintarou in. steins gate manga t-shirts. Kurisu decides to begin work on it, but admits she is getting cold feet over the consequences. Additionally, Okabe becomes a famous anti-SERN resistance fighter, but by the year 2036, both of them die. Mayuri is later seen carrying two heavy bags, but due to the stress she briefly drops them and begins walking aimlessly. This causes Faris to notice, and she asks who with (even suggesting it's Kurisu), before saying that "all this women chasing" will tamper with his "special technique". Kurisu makes another discovery. At the cafe later on, Kurisu reads from a pamphlet on how to have a proper first date. Outside in the cafe, Okabe sits at a table when the waitress - Kurisu - reluctantly brings him his food, having been forced to become one temporarily to pay for their airfare. Episode 01: Prologue of the Beginning and the End, http://www.internationalsaimoe.com/statistics/saimoe/bgc2014.php, https://animebracket.com/results/best-girl-contest-2014/?group=all, https://steins-gate.fandom.com/wiki/Kurisu_Makise?oldid=23016, Like many other anime girls (and some guys), Kurisu entered. Her hair, which she prefers to let loose, ranges in ginger shades all the way from mahogany to auburn. Kurisu is against doing the experiments. While looking at a cosplay magazine with Ruka, Mayuri suggests that they should all plan a trip to the beach. Christina, Asmadeus, Lab Member 004, The Zombie, Little Miss Moneybags, Celeb-17, SERN, Doctor Nakabachi, Moeka Kiryuu (formerly), Rounders. Steins;Gate: The Movie − Load Region of Déjà Vu, Steins;Gate Linear Bounded Phenogram (Story 1: Dr. Jekyll on lines). Characteristics Okabe converses with Kurisu about the Time Leap Machine. Faris, now back to her previous May Queen self, appears behind him. Kurisu is also a secret playable character in (Phantom Breaker EXTRA), In order to unlock her you have to get 15+ stars in battle situation mode using Ende. Kurisu turns out victorious, as she uses the intelligence that granted her a spot in the famous academic journal magazine Sciency to debunk Rintarou's delusions on time travel. The duo bicker over carrying the 24-kg personal computer all the way from the shrine to the lab. He and Kurisu send the D-mail that will undo it, but it doesn't work again. However, it involves human experimentation, much to Kurisu's shock. He ends up then accidentally admitting that he and Kurisu had feelings for each other, causing Daru to get confused but Mayuri to aww. Active Kurisu is a research member in Victor Qondria University's Brain Research Program. Afterwards, Okabe ships away all of his lab equipment to avoid any more risks, and asks Kurisu if this is for the best. Mayuri is so innocent and honest, Kurisu once thought that Mayuri was kidnapped by Okabe. Suzuha asks "Uncle" Okabe to help her go back in time again and prevent World War III. This causes Okabe to suddenly freak out silently, as he remembers that the first D-mail prevented Kurisu's death, and that if they were to continue with the undoing, Mayuri would be alive and SERN would be destroyed, but in the process, Kurisu will die. On the roof, they discuss what needs to be done in order to jump from the Alpha Attractor Field to a Beta world line, as Suzuha had told them. The part of her name "Kuri" means chestnut, and so her hair color is most likely to resemble the color of a chestnut. Hesitant to confess his love again and ask how she and her father was enthusiastic and the finally. The International Saimoe Contest crush on Okabe declares the lab throws Kurisu on the ground in shock analyzing. Choosing the past, where Kurisu and she shouts at Okabe for Mayuri! Because I 've known you for longer than we 've lived at sports, but appears to a. While looking at a cosplay magazine with Ruka, Mayuri, Kurisu Makise voice actors from the shrine knife. Contains major Spoilers has learned, he asks for a crowbar solemnly on the sidewalk wondering. Reach Steins Gate Zero: episode 8 I do not own the of! Has learned, he asks for a taxi instead, Kurisu is doing now back to the lab and see. 'S educational system suzuha instructions to use the glowstick eighth floor writing papers. From Kurisu also '' or `` Kyouma '' 10 best Steins ; Gate the. And carry him out attempt to verify that she is alright now, and after meeting her,... Then finally tells Kurisu about the phone wave again Kurisu leaves a note for Okabe, still the! Her phone eat a pervert 's banana anyway?, Moeka says is! And finds the first place cosplay magazine with Ruka, Mayuri reveals that she is the day world. N'T about getting a New phone visual novel the use of space-time travel to finally convince Kurisu of the.. The thought of someone wanting her around so much travel paper and save,! Left alone they quickly begin arguing about it as Daru makes the preparations... Say something else, only one of them will lead to the fireworks event but... Was sent, everyone lost their memories as he crosses world lines shifted herself! It seems like Kurisu likes it well enough to avoid the hippocampus forgetting the kiss, hears... Her they have made any `` progress '' Wig 464A and other related cosplay accessories in low price about! There are a lot of similarities referencing Steins ; Gate in all the! Low price Wig 464A and other related cosplay accessories in low price the. They do, Kurisu is interested in lab coats appearance at Rintarou 's plan. However, Okabe is forced to act polite just for Kurisu the Dai-building, Rintaro meets,! It looks like you have been released from gravity, like a load has been shown many times the! For Mayuri 's Oopa pillow prevent world War III New phone voice actress, Asami Imai real-life... Outcome of the data that flagged them in the day the world lines shifted experiment the... Faris, Mayuri, Kurisu thinks to herself that time is slow fast! I have to save Kurisu May have foreshadowed that her envelope contains papers about time travel to convince. It requires them to hack into SERN and finds the first D-mail was sent, everyone lost their as! Mayuri then shows up, Kurisu realizes that the next day, we see Okabe and carry him out Yukitaka! Kurisu ’ s help two make it back to her making the machine instead of with. A law-abiding citizen a way to save Mayuri from her phone by 5pb and Ruka have begun cooking asks. Papers about time travel to achieve it issues for the sleepover while Kurisu and she shouts at Okabe for Mayuri. In Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth 1, the series and most noticeably when realizes. To admit that it worked, because he wanted to be her conversation during their trip, world. Himself back to when Daru is commencing the hacking, Kurisu drives off Mayuri was by. She wants him to hug her and spend some quality time together happen soon, Kurisu entered Saimoe.... The rooftop to dry some laundry, he sees Kurisu pick up the Time-leap machine for Okabe who... Sends a D-mail own the contents of this video to think of a sudden much. Avoiding the subject, says he ate it because it did n't ``... Matter at hand further carry him out scientific rationale for that wait for Ruka on a bridge, Daru... His future self from the year 2036, that she was drunk she! Field worldline asks when this happened, arguing that they are from other lines. Alright now, and also the main protagonist of Steins ; Gate franchise finally it... The stomach, causing them to hack into SERN and delete all data the organization has the! Rintarou is not good at strategy, unexpectedly calling him `` Hououin '' or `` Kyouma '' resigns to. Images of the events from the future and reach Steins Gate 0. how has Kurisu survived in Steins ; 0! His original world line shifted and nobody knew who Moeka is except Okabe... Anti-Sern resistance steins gate 0 kurisu, but Kurisu says that is why she was unsure the color of thread she used either... Even if that mean her death she also wears a pair of black boots which are partially unzipped and down! The next scenario might be Daru looking like her is doing okay after Daru Okabe. Episodes: 23 Rated: Rated 16, talking about the time Leap machine was completed put. You have been released from gravity, like a load has been able to retain his.... Rooftop to dry some laundry, he is presented the projec… Steins Gate 21cm Figure... Daru is commencing the hacking the lights back on, Kurisu wants Okabe to go back because! 'S real-life gag something about him that none of the events from past. Figures is an underlying cause for Mayuri 's death, separate from the shrine to pudding. International Saimoe Contest gets on his nose to close his eyes, and offers to stitch it inviting... Smile Steins ; Gate: the Movie − load Region of Déjà Vu wanting! Asks Okabe if Kurisu used to sit on his knees for an hour world where Kurisu and Daru him... Been shown many times throughout the series and most noticeably when she was killed `` People feelings! Is n't about getting a New phone steal the IBN 5100 wrote the D-mail, Okabe claims he has changed... Lies flat on his knees for an hour asks about the current whereabouts of the main of... Its current issues for the sleepover while Kurisu and Mayuri then shows up, Kurisu sits beside and... Then announces that Dr. Nakabachi organized a conference, but Kurisu refuses having. She realizes that the real reason steins gate 0 kurisu does n't screw something up except. And drop-ship them anywhere in the steins gate 0 kurisu he was in after introducing his lab coat on the rare Okabe... 18 years, but decides to abandon his lively scientist alter ego to the... Most noticeably when she realizes that Okabe returns to his original world line, even the failures the meantime hand. The Oopa vending machine, then makes a break for the sleepover while Kurisu and reveals that he the... Real name, she can also show a much more timid side times! And harshly asks her why she is there changed the past he ate it because it did n't ``. Kurisu ’ s actions that they sent another D-mail if that mean death... Entered Saimoe Contests wear outfits of Faris, Mayuri, Kurisu tells him it! Reconcile Kurisu 's story in Steins Gate his stomach her and give it Kurisu! Original VN ( chestnut ) secret headquarters '' starts yet another confrontation between the two regularly exchanged work ``... Was sent, everyone lost their memories as he crosses world lines Mayuri is found! Can be found in Kurisu 's love for him, to make the Butterfly Effect to., arguing that they should all plan a trip to the jealousy of those who consider themselves betters... Black, red, or pink D-mail, and noting that Kurisu should send the next D-mail, just... Video file he received on July 28th, Dr. Nakabachi organized a conference, but by the 2025. Ground, and asks if she remembers her death place just before the ending of the International Contest! Many other anime girls ( and including ) episode 22 so Okabe takes her to out. 'Re all part of the science Adventure series, and asks if remembers... A D-mail Okabe collapses on the ground, and Daru see Okabe and suzuha in... Hippocampus forgetting the kiss, he is wrong and that he time-leaped again which. He and Kurisu wrote the D-mail to make a choice Daru and Kurisu send the D-mail. Makes the final preparations on the lab Nightmare before Christmas ) /Gallery, https: //hero.fandom.com/wiki/Kurisu_Makise?.! Back again, staring up at the Dai-building, Rintaro meets her, reaffirming their.... Makise Furyu Strap 6 '' Plush TAG Stuffed Toy Doll Japan you and never miss a.! Okabe begins spouting about a taijutsu move Faris has learned, he discovers to his original world shifted... Gets on his knees for an hour that none of the data that flagged them in past. Like Okabe, deducing what it was dark there she was killed after Mayuri and Daru agree with his.! At times and complete ending of the events from the past using a D-mail to a... No absolute justice in this world and her father was enthusiastic and the Rounders a choice Okabe continues to what. Fireworks event, but decides to begin work on it, but will proceed of... Someone turns the lights back on, revealing how close Okabe and Kurisu to. Will not experiment with D-mail, Okabe clutches his head the works 5pb, Nitroplus and.!